[VIDEO] Performance Data Recorder Footage from GoldSpeed at Bloomington Gold


[VIDEO] Performance Data Recorder Footage from GoldSpeed at Bloomington Gold

GoldSpeed was one of the new driving events at the Bloomington Gold show last weekend in Indianapolis. Attendees had the unique opportunity to ride along in a new Corvette Z06 on a portion of the Indy road course with a professional instructor from the Spring Mountain Performance Driving School.

Needless to say, the line for GoldSpeed was long all weekend long as there was no shortage of people that wanted to go for a wide open throttle spin in a new Z06. The sound of those Z06’s under hard acceleration echoed throughout the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds throughout the entire 3 day show. The best part of GoldSpeed? It was absolutely free. Just fill out some information for Chevrolet, sign a waiver, grab a loaner helmet, hold on for dear life, and then change your short afterward if needed.

Back when Chevrolet announced that the Performance Data Recorder would be offered on the Corvette, we know great videos would soon be all over the internet. So when it was our turn for a go in one of the Z06’s at Bloomington we had an SD card in hand and popped it in just before we launched down the road course.


The course itself was short, but long enough to give you the full Z06 experience. The run started with a full throttle acceleration run down to a tight 180 degree hairpin turn. From there it was more full throttle all the way up into 4th gear and then back down for a short series of turns before a firm stomp on the brake pedal showed the carbon ceramic brakes’ considerable power. Then, like one of Kim Kardashian’s marriages, the ride was over before we knew it.

Probably what stood out most during the GoldSpeed event was the durability of the cars themselves. After running essentially nonstop for 3 days, the Z07 equipped Z06’s were showing little signs of wear. The smell of hot brakes wafted through the area, but the cars never showed signs of being tired. GoldSpeed was this blogger’s first experience in the C7 Z06. From our short time together it’s clear that this is a world class car that can do things considerably more experience cars can’t.

Here’s the PDR of our GoldSpeed ride along at Bloomington Gold.

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