[VIDEO] The Corvette Stingray Takes On Europe’s Best Cars


[VIDEO] The Corvette Stingray Takes On Europe's Best Cars

It doesn’t come with a trophy, but the new Corvette Stingray can still feel pretty good about itself after earning some pretty high praise from the folks at Autocar.co.uk.

“As car enthusiasts, we love the new Corvette Stingray,” says Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe. “We think so much of it, in fact, that we’ve lined it up here beside the very best sports cars that Europe can offer, each of which has been handpicked to gauge just how good the new seventh-generation Corvette has become.”

That competition included the Porsche 911 Carrera S, chosen to see how fast the new Corvette is and how well it can stop; the Jaguar F-Type V8, here to compare against for noise and general behind the wheel entertainment; and the Audi R8 V8, invited to test how sharp the Corvette’s handling is on and beyond the limit.

Sutcliffe starts with an overview of the new Stingray, saying that there’s so much new on the car that it’s easier to start with the bits that aren’t new. He praises the gearbox, says engineers have the “sweet spot” on the chassis, and notes that the ride is “good” and the steering “just miles better than I can remember.”

Then come the performance tests against Europe’s best, and we don’t think it will spoil the ending for you if we say that the Corvette can hold its head up very high in this elite company, in Autocar’s view.

“No question,” Sutcliffe brags. The Corvette “sounds great, it goes better than any of them, it looks good, it stops well, and it’s an absolute peach of a car to drive at the limit.

“But here’s the thing, though,” he concludes. “At 62 grand (in pounds), it’s also a complete bargain beside Europe’s best (that cost as much as 30,000 pounds more). It’s just a great car, full stop, really,” easily the best Corvette ever, he says.

Autocar.uk on YouTube via Jalopnik

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