[VIDEO] Car Wash Owner Chases Cop Shooter in a C5 Corvette


[VIDEO] Car Wash Owner Pursuits Cop Shooter in a C5 Corvette

Some folks might have left the police work to the professionals.

But not the owner of an Albuquerque car wash, who risked life and limb in his souped-up 2003 Corvette last Saturday to chase a bad guy who had shot police officer Matthew Hannum in the leg and then stole his cop car with the emergency lights flashing.

Understandably, the chaser prefers to remain anonymous after his daring feat but he did talk to a reporter about his decision to chase the suspect, appropriately named Christopher Chase.

“I mean poor guy got shot and he was hurt. I wanted to do all I can to go there and help him,” the Good Samaritan said of officer Hannum.

“When (the suspect) got in the police unit and took off I wasn’t going to let the individual get away especially when no one else was around,” he said.

Interestingly, during the chase, the man used his cellphone to call 911 and was told to back off.

“(The 911 operator) kept on telling me to pull over and stop and this and that. That I’m breaking the law,” he said.

But our hero said he has family and friends in the Albuquerque Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office, “so I’m not going to allow an individual like that to get away and have those individuals suffer for the rest of their lives,” he said.

That means he didn’t take the suggestions of the 911 operator when the chase suddenly turned from low-speed (40 mph or below) into high-speed mode of more than 100 mph, especially not after Chase allegedly stopped in the middle of an intersection to fire more shots at a police cruiser and then got back in the stolen cop car.

The Chase chaser just kept on going to keep a close eye on the suspect until Albuquerque Police were able to catch up with him.

KOB Channel 4 via The Truth About Cars

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