[VIDEO] Driver Flees After Crashing a C5 Corvette into an Apartment Building


[VIDEO] Driver Flees After Crashing Corvette into an Apartment Building

Last week was definitely a bad time to be a building in Buffalo, N.Y.

A customized silver C5 Corvette became the third vehicle in less than a week to crash into a structure in that city.

Hamburg Police say the Corvette driver rammed into the apartment building on Lake Avenue, leaving chunks of concrete and other debris in its wake, about 1:30 a.m. Friday.

Witnesses told Buffalo’s WGRZ Channel 2 that they saw the car leave Kaz’s Bar on Lake Avenue just before the accident, then saw the driver quickly get out and take off running.

The Corvette crash came just a day after a station wagon went sailing into the front window of a home in Buffalo when the driver lost control. No one was seriously hurt.

On Tuesday last week, in south Buffalo, an SUV ended up wedged at a 45-degree angle against the eave of a house after the driver suffered a medical emergency.


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