[VIDEO] Edmunds Takes Their Long Term C7 Corvette Stingray to the Track


[VIDEO] Edmunds Takes their Long Term C7 Corvette Stingray to the Track

What will it be like living with a Stingray for months, way past the honeymoon period?

In this YouTube video, Edmunds editors Mike Monticello and Chris Walton offer a sneak preview of their long-term test of a 2014 Lime Rock Green Corvette Stingray that they’ll be keeping a close eye on for the next several months.

Balance is the word that keeps coming up in their early description of the C7, especially as it goes around the skidpad. Monticello compares the new Corvette favorably with a Porsche 911 when it comes to going back and forth between understeer and oversteer.

“This is right out of the box base Corvette with a handling package, and it’s making crazy numbers,” Walton says. He says he can’t even imagine what kind of performance Chevy will wring out of the big-tire Corvettes that are on the way (Z06 and ZR1).

A lot of people are wondering how the C7 compares to the C6, Monticello noted. It’s more of a complete car, a balanced car, he says.

“Where we noticed the big difference really was in the handling,” Monticello says.

The C7 weighs 80 pounds more than its predecessor, “but it’s how it manages the extra weight” that makes the difference, Walton says. “It’s like it doesn’t even exist. The car just feels tighter, smaller, more complete, much pointier I guess is a word that I would use, that I use a lot. When you turn the wheel, it goes right where you point it, right now.”

The Edmunds staff is “pretty thrilled and full of anticipation for the next year with this Corvette,” he concluded, and their preliminary testing at the track proved that this next generation is a real sports car.

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