Chevrolet’s Chris Perry Talks About the Automaker’s Vehicle Launches in 2013


Chevrolet's Chris Perry Talks About the Automaker's Vehicle Launches in 2013

It’s no secret that 2013 is a critical year for Chevrolet. After all, the company is launching 13 new or redesigned vehicles this year, including some of its most popular models like the Corvette Stingray sports car, the Silverado full-sized pickup truck, and the Impala large sedan.

Naturally such a big change in the company’s lineup means marketing… and lots of it.

The vice president of U.S. marketing for Chevy, Chris Perry, recently talked with Automotive News reporter Mike Colias about the upcoming marketing campaign for the new vehicles, a campaign that comes amid a time of major change for Chevrolet marketing. Chevy’s creative ad agency, Detroit’s Commonwealth, is restructuring, Silverado’s campaign moved to a different agency, and GM hired a new global marketing chief for Chevy, effective April 1.

Perry pointed out that the new marketing theme, “Find New Roads,” aims to show the world that Chevrolet is continuing to focus on innovation and the idea that the company’s best days are still ahead of it. The previous campaign, “Chevy Runs Deep,” seemed to focus on the automaker’s heritage.

Chevrolet's Chris Perry Talks About the Automaker's Vehicle Launches in 2013

“But what we needed as we move forward is to show people that, yes, we have a rich heritage, but we have a very promising future as well,” Perry said. “Every country is in the process of executing it. They’re all following the same platform.”

Perry says the company’s wide range of products – from the Impala to the Cruze to the Volt – proves to the world just how innovative Chevy is.

He calls the new Impala “a great representation of performance, design and technology.” Ditto with the Cruze diesel and its 46 mpg, best nonhybrid fuel economy sold in the U.S., and the Cruze Eco, at 42 mpg, best gas-powered fuel economy in the world.

“Those things represent and prove the ingenuity that we bring to the marketplace,” Perry said. “While we have different products, they’re all still tied together around that same theme.”

Perry says Chevy will use its relationship with Major League Baseball to promote the Impala, including hands-on displays at 21 baseball parks to give people a chance to touch and feel the car.

Same with the Silverado. Perry says a big part of the marketing campaign for the new pickup will be getting drivers behind the wheel to try it out and promises an all-out campaign to promote the vehicle.

“…the launch is pretty important for us, so we will use every weapon in our arsenal to support this launch, big and small, mass and targeted,” he said. “There will be no rock unturned to make sure that this is successful.”

Chevrolet's Chris Perry Talks About the Automaker's Vehicle Launches in 2013

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