[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray’s Aero Engineer John Bednarchik on Faces of GM


[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray's Aero Engineer John Bednarchik on Faces of GM

The latest Faces of GM video focuses on the 2014 Corvette Stingray’s aerodynamic performance. Aero Performance Engineer John Bednarchik discusses the design features they learned from testing with Corvette Racing and why working on the new Corvette is so special to him.

Growing up, John worked on restoring old Corvettes with his dad and that led to him wanting to work with General Motors and specifically on the Corvette.

Bednarchik talks about the process aerodynamic testing which started with 1/3rd scale models, one of which you can see behind him. There were several themes which were tested and then after the final theme was selected, the full scale model testing began.

We again hear about how the lessons learned from Corvette Racing were applied to the C7 Corvette. First was the front-leaning radiator with the air extractor on the hood which pushes the hot air over the top of the car and reduces the front-end lift. Second was the use of the functional rear cooling vents for the transmission and differential.

John closes his conversation with Faces of GM by saying “It’s really a privilege to be able to be assigned to work on C7 when your a General Motors employee. This is a big deal for me to be able to say that I worked on the C7 and its like ‘Hey Dad, I hope I’m making you proud.'”

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