Lingenfelter’s Chief Engineer to Speak at Corvette Museum’s C4/ZR-1 Gathering


Lingenfelter's Chief Engineer to Speak at Corvette Museum's C4 ZR1 Gathering

Enthusiasts at the 2013 Corvette Museum C4 ZR1 gathering that starts today and runs through Sunday in Bowling Green, Kentucky will have a chance to see and hear inside information about their cars.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s Chief Engineer, Graham Behan, will make two presentations during the annual event.

The first will feature John Lingenfelter and the LPE team’s contribution to aftermarket development of the LT5 engine.

The second focuses on the twin turbo LT5 Corvette developed by Lingenfelter in 2000. Only four of these cars were produced, and one of them will be on display at the museum beginning May 15.

Behan, who has been a regular presenter at the ZR1 gathering since 1997, came to LPE after working at Lotus Engineering where he was executive engineer on the LT5 engine program. He plans to show archival photos of the twin turbo cars being developed and give attendees the inside story and technical data about these rare cars.

In 2000, by the way, John Lingenfelter drove a ZR1 that produced 850 rear wheel horsepower at Beech Bend Raceway Park, where he reached 153 mph and had a quarter-mile time of 9.52 seconds. Back then, John said it was the most powerful ZR1 he’d ever driven.

A member of the Corvette Museum Hall of Fame, John was a longtime supporter and participant of the ZR1 gathering. He was known for his drag racing demos at Beech Bend, where he held “how to go drag racing” classes. Unfortunately, he passed away at age 58 in 2002 after crashing his Cavalier into a concrete retaining wall at the Mazda NHRA Sport Compact World Finals in Pomona, California.

Both Behan and Lingenfelter represent LPE’s passion for and commitment to the Corvette world and their insatiable quest for ways to improve their performance. Today, LPE is known around the world for their in-depth performance engineering solutions and aftermarket calibrations for Corvette owners.

Click here for more details of the National Corvette Museum’s C4/ZR-1 Gathering.

Lingenfelter's Chief Engineer to Speak at Corvette Museum's C4 ZR1 Gathering


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