[VIDEO] 2014 Corvette Stingray Shows Off in New Chevrolet Commercial


[VIDEO] 2014 Corvette Stingray Shows Off in New Chevrolet Commercial

Chevrolet sponsored the Grammy Awards that aired on CBS on Sunday evening and ran a :90 second commercial titled Find New Roads Anthem which included the 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe. We believe this is the first time the Stingray Coupe has aired in an actual broadcast commercial and in case you missed it, check it out after the jump.

The commercial opens with a young girl playing with really cute robotic dog in what looks to be the Southwest. The girl and the dog climb into the back seat of a Chevrolet Volt and as mom say’s “Here we go”, the girl touches the screen of a computer tablet to start the Chevrolet product display.

The description of the video on YouTube says “Introducing the new Chevrolet. With the best lineup of vehicles ever, we believe ingenuity can do the impossible. So why just go from A to B when imagination can take you everywhere?

From there, four new Chevrolets are displayed in the commercial. The Spark, Sonic, Impala and Corvette are each shown in their own imaginative way with the vignettes separated by the swipe of the little girl’s finger.

  • The Spark is shown as a fashion accessory and the five ladies who are driving are each wearing a dress that match the color of the Spark’s exterior. Pink, yellow, green, red and blue Sparks and their fashion-matching drivers are all shown.

  • The Sonic is seen doing skateboard stunts through an industrial area, complete with 360 spins, jumping a ramp and riding a rail. For the big finale, the Sonic hits a ramp and gets vertical above the top of a warehouse. Before it lands, the girl swipes her tablet and it’s off to the next scene.

  • With Sinatra crooning “Fly Me to the Moon”, a very well-dress man leaves his home in the new 2014 Chevy Impala for the country club as his neighbors take in the pure luxury that radiates from new sedan.

  • And finally we get to the 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe, which is driving aggressively through the nighttime city streets as it appears to be trying to escape from a flying Stingray. That flying Stingray first reminded me of the Batman’s flying Bat-Wing but then I got that it was in the shape of a Stingray.

The scene with the Corvette Stingray comes to an abrupt end as the girl pauses the video on the tablet and we come back to reality. We are back in the woods again with the family and the robotic dog in their Chevy Volt. Just then a deer emerges from the forest, walks over to the Volt and rubs noses with the girl and her robot dog.

Chevrolet uses the “Find New Roads” tag at the end of the commercial. We noticed that the voice-over was not Tim Allen who did the voice-overs in all the ads during the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaigns.

So as Chevy asks, why go from A to B when imagination can take you anywhere?

Chevrolet on YouTube

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