C6 Corvette Orders Close Next Week; Production to Cease in February 2013


C6 Corvette Orders Close Next Week; Production to Cease in February 2013

Now doubts about the coming of the C7 now after we saw the new crossed flags logo revealed and the public debut date announced for Sunday, January 13th, 2013. As we rejoice in that news, we also have updates on the how General Motors will wrap up production of the C6 Corvette.

If you want to place an order for one of the C6 models, you need to do it quickly. GM has confirmed that the last orders will be accepted on Friday, October 26th. After that date, all bets are off regarding the ability to get your Corvette built the way you want it.

For the last six months or so, GM has been telling enthusiasts and potential buyers that this is the last chance to get a Z06 or ZR1, or even the Grand Sport for that matter. There’s no telling if GM will bring back those models in C7 form and they are obviously not talking at this time.

Production of the C6 Corvette will end sometime in February 2013. From then on it will be a matter of supply and demand and buyers may have to do a lot of searching to find a C6 that fits their particular interests.

Corvette Team members are saying there will be a six month dry spell with no retail production although Chevy will be building test fleet cars for validation during that time. Corvette Assembly Plant manager Dave Tatman says that it will be in 3rd Quarter 2013 that dealers will start to get the new cars.

For you collectors who may be interested in purchasing the last C6 Corvette, forget about it. We were told by Chevrolet that the final car will be going to GM’s Heritage Center. Chevy did tell us that there may be the opportunity to buy one of the last specific models but they have not yet made those plans final yet.

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