[VIDEO] Corvette Racing and 2014 C7 Corvette Announcement from Petit Le Mans


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing and 2014 C7 Corvette Announcement from Petit Le Mans

On Thursday afternoon, winners and leaders of their respective ALMS classes talked to the press at Petit Le Mans held at Road Atlanta. Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner talked about winning the ALMS Drivers Championship and Gary Pratt was there to speak about winning the GT Team Championship.

When it was time to talk about Chevrolet winning the ALMS GT Manufacturer’s title, Corvette’s Chief Engineer used the platform to unveil the new 2014 C7 Crossed Flags emblem and the public debut date of 1.13.13.

If you’ve seen the new C7 Corvette logo, it features a much more “swept-back” appearance and it just looks faster in our opinion. The edges of the badge are tapered and if what we saw from the infamous Omega Tools video leak which appeared to showed an indentation where the badge goes, it should look more integrated into the body as opposed to being “stuck on” like the current C6 badge.

We’re also very excited to know that Corvette enthusiasts will be able to witness the unveiling of the new Corvette on 1.13.13. The Corvette Museum was flooded with calls yesterday from those interested in attending and we were told that tickets will be $1200 and they will go on sale on Monday, October 22nd at 9am CDT. Details and schedule of the C7 Corvette reveal in Detroit are now online at the Corvette Museum.

Later in the day, we had the opportunity to interview Tadge Juechter about the legacy of the C6 and the coming of the C7 Corvette. Look for that video in the next couple of days.

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