[ACCIDENT] Corvette and Tahoe Drivers Flee After Fiery Crash in Los Angeles


[ACCIDENT] Corvette and Tahoe Drivers Flee After Fiery Crash in Los Angeles

A Chevy Corvette and Chevy Tahoe that erupted into flames early Monday morning were apparently not street racing after all, according to the latest reports from Los Angeles Police Department Officer Venus Hall.

But we may never know.

The drivers of the two vehicles fled the scene of the accident, which occurred about 12:20 a.m. Monday near the intersection of East Washington Boulevard and South Soto Street in Boyle Heights.

Earlier reports said that police had received a call just before midnight that vehicles were street racing and doing donuts on the street. Then one minute after the fire call, the SUV was reported stolen to the police.

Officer Hall said there is no evidence of street racing, however.

Police believe no one was seriously injured in the wreck, but they can’t be positive since the drivers were not at the scene. However, they did say that there have been no reports of anyone being treated at local hospitals for injuries related to the accident so far.

Authorities are still searching for the two drivers, and the investigation is continuing.

NBC Los Angeles

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