[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Pulled from Watery Grave After Flash Flood


[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Pulled from Watery Grave After Flash Flood

A torrential rain storm in Sullivan County New York last week sent a flash flood down Cattail Creek in the area known as Livingston Manor. In addition to taking out several bridges and causing residents to scramble for higher ground, the flood waters cut a new path under the garage of Ted Baer, sending his pristine 1991 Corvette down the creek.

As the waters began receding the next day, the Corvette was spotted about 500 yards downstream laying upside down with just its front tire protruding from the creek. Prestige Towing of Monticello was dispatched to pull the Corvette from its watery grave and the extraction caused a small group of residents to gather as they watched the tow truck operator fight the water and felled trees to bring the Corvette onto the bank.

“The car was in mint condition. He [Baer] washed it every week and he named her Cleo,” Baer’s next-door neighbor David Misner told the Sullivan County Democrat.

The Corvette looks to be a total loss and Baer also lost his garage to the flood as well. Fortunately, there no injuries reported following last week’s storm. That’s good news considering the area has a history of flooding after torrential rains. In 2006, a 15 year old girl died when her house was washed away.

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