Stolen C5 Corvette Sent to Watery Grave


Stolen C6 Corvette Sent to Watery Grave

A stolen C6 C5 Corvette sent to Davey Jones Locker in the Choke Canyon Reservoir in McMullen County Texas was recently recovered by the Texas Rangers. Earlier this month a dive team from the Texas Rangers found the submerged Corvette while searching for a missing 57-year-old woman who was reported missing along with her car. Fortunately, the woman and her car were found safe in Larado, so the dive team went ahead and pulled the Corvette to dry land.

When the Corvette reached the shore, the license plate and VIN were run and it was determined the car was reported stolen in 2005. The drivers side door showed marks of being pried and the steering wheel housing was damaged as well.

Stolen C5 Corvette Sent to Watery Grave Stolen C5 Corvette Sent to Watery Grave

Before ditching the car, the thieves broke out the rear window and put down the driver and passenger windows which allowed the Corvette to sink 21 feet to the bottom of the reservoir about 30-40 yards from shore.


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  1. how could someone do this? its one thing to be demented enough to steal a car for a joy ride, but to smash out windows and sink it???? horrible

  2. Ummm.. just me or does this sound more like a case of insurance fraud than thievery. Thieves usually joyride then crash or part out the car they steal – they rarely, if ever, carefully hide the car in a lake.

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