Rented Corvette Gets Driven into the Pacific Ocean


Rented Corvette Gets Driven into the Pacific Ocean

Most Corvette owners would probably never let a man they met while drinking at a bar drive their Corvette. But if you’re on vacation and the Corvette was a rental, well hey, that’s a different story. I mean, what’s the worse that could happen?

A couple on vacation in Southern California apparently did just that, giving the key fob to their rented convertible Corvette to a man they met at a bar. The yellow Hertz Corvette ZHZ was seen doing donuts and spin-outs on Pacific Beach near San Diego and then was driven straight into the ocean.

When the police showed up, the driver had mysteriously vanished leaving the couple to deal with the authorities. First admitting they had nothing to do with it, they eventually came clean and said they were passengers. Police determined the couple was drunk and they were arrested and charged with public drunkenness.

An account of the story from the Daily Mail contained this quote from a witness:

John Settles, who lives just above the beach and saw the car in the water, said, ‘It was hilarious, I thought. Brand-new Corvette in the water; I saw a wave go over the hood, over the wind-shield and into the convertible.’

Police have a description of the driver and if found, he could be on the hook for a traffic citation as as well as the costs associated with the resources and manpower needed to retrieve the Corvette.

CBS 8 in San Diego has a news report about the ocean-going Corvette.

Note: My original working title for this post was “Hertz ZHZ Corvette Gets Ridden Hard, Put Away Wet“. I thought it was worth sharing.

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