Jalopnik: GM May Offer “Build Your Own LS9” Program for Corvette Buyers


A GM official told Jalopnik that they were considering letting Corvette ZR1 buyers build their own LS9 638 horsepower engine that would then be installed in their very car. This was confirmed by Tom Read from GM’s Advanced Powertrain Technology Communications who said “We are considering the program”.

The option to build the “heart of the beast” continues an awesome tradition of close interaction that Corvette buyers have with the factory. Customers have long been able to watch their Corvettes get assembled and then start the engine for the very first time. Now you’re telling me I can also assemble the LS9? Hell yes!

If this comes to pass, then kudos to GM for being this innovative. It creates another profit line for the Performance Build Center where the LS9s are built while turning customers into the most enthusiastic supporters of both Chevy and GM.



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