Vossen Offers Wheels for SmokinVette’s “Pimp My Wheels” Contest


Vossen Offers up Wheels for SmokinVette's Pimp My Wheels Contest

I like a good contest as much as anyone so check out this awesome give-away from the guys over at the SmokinVette.com Corvette forum. They have hooked up with Vossen Wheels to offer three sets of wheels to the smokinvette members that post photos of their cars and tells the best stories on why their Corvette could use some wheel pimpin. Details of the contest are after the jump.

Hi all you SmokinVette’s, it’s time for another massive Give-A-Way. As many of you know, Vossen Wheels has joined SmokinVette.com Corvette forum as a Vendor. Vossen Wheels has sponsored (3) killer sets of their new one piece VVS-087 wheels valued at $2300 for each set, for SmokinVette.com members! So what do you say SmokinVette? You up for a contest?!

Contest Name: “Pimp my Wheels”

How to enter: Simple… reply to this thread with a photo of your Corvette and tell us why you should win 1 of the 3 sets of wheels that will be given away! That’s it! If you have multiple Corvettes you may enter one post for each Corvette.

Rules: The Corvette posted MUST be your Corvette. This contest will run for 30 days and end February 12, 2010. There will be 1 week for judging and winners will be announced on February 19th, 2010. The 3 people with the best stories on why they should win a set of wheels will win this event! It’s that simple!

Winners will have to have the wheels on their car for at least 6 months, but look at these wheels why not have them on longer!

*There are 3 different finishes to these wheels, so there will be a winner for each wheel finish*

Wheel Specs:
F: 19×9.5 – 27 lbs.
R: 20×11 – 29 lbs.

19×9.5 – +58
20×11 – +75

MSRP: $2,300 / Set

The entries are rolling in and some of the stories are priceless. Check out SmokinVette.com Corvette forum and tell your best story as to why your wheels need to be pimped!

SmokinVette.com Corvette forum

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