Speeding C5 Corvette Driver Clocked at 128 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone


Speeding C5 Corvette Driver Clocked at 128 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone

Photo Credit: Tulsa Police Department

Authorities in Oklahoma have taken to Facebook to make a point on traffic enforcement with the public shaming of this C5 Corvette driver who was caught speeding 128 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

The photo of the radar gun and the Corvette was posted by the Tulsa Police Department who originally posted it with the headline, “In a hurry to get to the New Year?”

The post was later updated to urge safe driving, citing the 69 people who died in 2021 in traffic incidents:

There are some who feel we shouldn’t do any traffic enforcement of any kind because it’s a “Victimless Crime”.
Keep this in mind, this year we’ve had 69 people die in vehicle-related incidents.
A lot of the families of those who died probably don’t think it’s victimless.
Officers don’t get a bonus for traffic enforcement, we do it to not have 69 people die unnecessarily.

Tulsa authorities go on to say the driver is facing a court date in addition to the speeding ticket as he was traveling at over 21 MPH above the posted limit which adds an “Aggravated Speeding” charge.

Tulsa Police Department via ktul.com

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  1. It’s not just excessive speed that kills. Careless, texting, inattentive bozos, and those that say,”Oh crap that’s MY exit”, are to blame. This driver will get what he deserves, but I think it’s a shame that driver education was removed from high school curriculums. I know, that shows my age, but drivers have been getting so much worse over the years, that you have to think that drivers ed would have made a difference.

  2. Hey Sartain, go home. You probably drive some POS Prius. And yes I did have drivers Ed in school. They were made to play, just got caught this time, oops. Oh and by the way, 128 MPH is just getting started:)


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