Man Caught Driving a C7 Corvette at 150 MPH Arrested in New Hampshire


Man Caught Driving C7 Corvette at 150 MPH Arrested in New Hampshire

The driver of this C7 Corvette is probably going to be cooling his heels for a while now after being caught speeding at 150 mph on Route 16 in Rochester, New Hampshire on Thursday evening.

Unfortunately, it’s not his first encounter with law enforcement as the New Hampshire State Police arrested and charged the unnamed driver with operating after a suspension and reckless operation.

The bust was made by Sergeant Johnston of NHSP Troop E and a photo of the stopped Corvette with a very tall wing was shared to the state police’s Facebook Page.

For even more entertainment, check out the comments on the Facebook page, with the prevailing question for the Corvette driver being “Why did you even stop?”

New Hampshire State Police via

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  1. A ZR1, no doubt. More money than sense. If stopped at 150mph, probably was still in 4th/5th gear with a lot more speed to go.

  2. You can outrun that Dodge Charger police vehicle, but you CAN NOT outrun that Motorola radio that he’s using inside that Charger….just sayin’

  3. Funny the cops call it a bust wow good job. Here in New York City 50 dirt bikes quads old three wheelers will roar all up and down main roads and not a. Op in sight. None of these idiots ever get chased. Now they rent out electric scooters and they are being drivin on sidewalks with impunity.

  4. Bill, I too am amazed at the non helmeted, unregistered, uninsured, riders on dirt bikes and quads in NYC. When I was a kid in the 1970’s riding my mini bike, we were petrified at the sight of a police car. Back then if you were caught riding in the street your bike wound up in the trunk of the police car. As for the Corvette driver, public roads are no place for 150 MPH.

  5. Rich, go away. These cars are built for this, get over it. He just got caught. Half the TV ads are Dodges frying the tires and sliding sideways, duhhh what do you expect. Hey Rich, you must be one of those low life Trump minions, politicize speeding in a Vette?? Really? Probably drive a Mustang.

  6. JOE WALSH has a MASERATI, does 185, he lost his license now he cant drive,,,,,, BUT life been good to him………………..

    reminds me of the song.

  7. ?? Someone who is successful and speeds is persecuted.
    The statement was about the dirt bikes and quads in city streets. No one will bother them

    Look what happened last year under clueless Joe. Lawlessness

    Get your facts straight.

  8. Rich S, Kevin will get it once this country goes down the toilet! Under the Dems control they will destroy this country very quickly. Lawlessness, massive out of control spending, honoring and celebrating criminals is what they excel at! And not everyone is a Trump supporter just because they don’t like what Joe Biden is doing to America.

  9. Hey Kevin, nothing is lower than a Democrat! They are the scum of the Earth! They hate this country and everything it stands for! At least Trump didn’t bash this country like Obama did. And Trump wasn’t attempting to destroy this country like Biden is. Trump was by no means perfect, but he was nowhere near as bad as what we inherited with this administration!

  10. If you were a cop right now, regarding the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. This is what the comment was in response to. Is it worth it for them to enforce the law?
    Never mind if the violagter on the quad driving recklessly down a city street if of a certain “under served group”.
    Riots ensue. Again, look what happened last summer.

  11. Hey 65 L78 just read your post. I had a 65 L 78 coupe and sold it like an idiot. I now have a 65 L 76 a 67 L 79 and a 15 LT 1 . Come to Broadway some day and you can get hit buy a delivery guy on a 75 LB electric bike riding the wrong way. they wont be bothered because they will not pay the ticket any way. But be a hard working person with a delivery van and if the meter maid does not get you a mounted police officer will when you are 5 mins late getting back to your van.

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