Canadian Police Impound a C7 Corvette After Driver was Clocked Speeding at 151 MPH


Canadian Police Impound a C7 Corvette After Driver was Clocked Speeding at 151 MPH

Photo Credit: BC RCMP

They mean business when it comes to speeding on roads in Canada.

Just ask the driver of this Blade Silver C7 Corvette coupe.

British Columbia Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled him over on Saturday for going twice the speed limit on the Coquihalla, a major road which connects the southern Trans-Canada route with the northern Trans-Canada/Yellowhead route.

The troubles have just begun for this driver, who faces a day in court, had his Corvette impounded, and could be eyeing other serious penalties. On the bright side, maybe the offense saved his life.

According to provincial statistics, an average of 115 people die every year in the province in crashes involving high-risk driving. RCMP spokesman Cpl. Mike Halskov says injuries and death caused by such driving can be prevented.

“Driving is a privilege and B.C. is a leader when it comes to holding drivers accountable for their actions,” he said. “Police remind motorists to obey speed limits, wear seatbelts, drive sober, and distraction-free every time you get behind the wheel.”

According to Halskov, the Corvette driver was issued an Appearance Notice for excessive speed, meaning that he must appear in court, where, upon conviction, penalties may be significantly higher than the maximum fine allowed by serving a ticket.

“In addition, the vehicle was impounded,” Halskov said, “and the officer is considering other options, including submitting a High Risk Driver report to RoadSafetyBC requesting a lengthy driving probation.”

The incident occurred while an officer with BC RCMP Traffic Services in Merritt was conducting speed enforcement on Highway 5 (the Coquihalla). He clocked the northbound Corvette traveling at 243 kilometers per hour, or 151 miles per hour.


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  1. Was this traffic cop a Mounty? Besides believing he always gets his man, was there anyone on the road with this C7 driver besides the cop and if not what was the posted limit protecting the cop from not being paid! Sounds like the crime was speeding were the constable could see the speeding! There would have been no crime if the constable was at the cleaners having his uniform pressed! “Hello Nell, Hello Inspector Fenwick!”

  2. yea what is the posted speed limit for such a speed attainable highway ? is it an updated speed limit ?,is the limit in accordance with present mvl? or is it an outdated one by today’s standards ????

  3. idiot deserves jail,
    brain must’ve stopped developing when he was 15.
    Take away his license, donate his car to a useful org.

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