Chevrolet to Kick Off C8 Corvette Z06 Dealer’s Tour in 2022


Chevrolet to Kick Off C8 Corvette Z06 Dealer's Tour in 2022

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

One of the cooler marketing plans that Chevy instituted with the arrival of the new mid-engine Corvette in 2019 was the C8 Corvette Dealers Tour. Dealers could host a one or two-day event with the new C8 Corvette on display, and it also included a Corvette specialist to present the car as well as a bunch of displays showing off the various colors, options, seats, and wheels that the Corvette could be ordered with.

Some dealers had a huge turn-out with thousands of people coming to check out the new mid-engine Corvette, and we know that many enthusiasts would go to their local dealers to see the all-new Z06 as well.

We had heard some rumblings that the Chevrolet would be headed back out on tour again with Z06, and today we have confirmation by a Chevrolet representative who said the Z06 Dealers Tour will be offered to dealers beginning in 2022.

Corvette enthusiasts visit MacMulkin to see the C8 Corvette

Corvette enthusiasts visit MacMulkin to see the C8 Corvette Stingray

We’ve asked some of our dealer friends if they plan on hosting the Z06 tour and so far I have no confirmations yet. I did see a post on the Corvette Forum which started our quest on this subject and a user named “tome” said that Connell Chevrolet in Costa Mesa, CA is planning a two-day event for April 4th and 5th.

For those of you interested in the Z06, we suggest you ask your dealer if they are scheduling the Z06 Dealer Tour. If you hear of any dealers hosting the Z06 Tour, let us know!

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  1. This is cool, but when is GM going to kick off their “How to get a C8 in under a 18 months without being a Celebrity and/or Social Media Influencer” Tour?

  2. Why???
    What purpose to tease us with a product they are not going to build enough of to supply to masses that want one ???

  3. Well Almost! Actually Connell Chevrolet is in “Costa Mesa”, CA….They also had a C8 Dealer Tour right after the Tustin reveal. Can’t wait to get up close and really personal at Connell!

  4. I was at the dealer tour in New Hampshire. It was amazing! I posted a video of it one YouTube. I plan on doing the same thing with the C8 Z06.

  5. While I’m excited for the changes surrounding the new C8Z06, I’m upset with GM for turning the middle class’s sports car into an exotic that only the rich can afford. Way to go, Chevy.

  6. Check with your local dealers… some dealers who have reached out to Chevy don’t yet have dates so they are still working on finalizing the tour. – Keith

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