[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Revs Engine and Demonstrates Folding Mirrors and Front End Lift System


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Revs Engine and Demontrates Folding Mirrors and Front End Lift System

Connell Chevrolet in Southern California got the Elkhart Lake Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray for their C8 Dealer Tour Stop and from all accounts, it was a success as we heard the dealership took deposits on 70 C8 Corvettes at MSRP in 31 minutes! Connell Chevrolet tells us that all 90 of their C8 Corvette allocations have now all been spoken for.

We learn more about the features on this car every day, and it’s educational when we come across a video which captures these options in action.

As the blue 2020 Corvette is being moved from the inside showroom to being parked outside, it has to navigate a narrow doorway as it exits the building. You will see the side mirrors are turned inward until the driver clears the outdoor railing. With a push of a button on the door, the mirrors fold outward. (See it at 0:39 seconds into the video.)

As the car moves in front of the dealership, but before he backs into the parking spot, we see the Front End Lift System demonstrated again (beginning at 1:12). You can see it’s engaged as there are at least a couple inches of space between the top of the tire and the wheel well. After maneuvering into place, the driver announces that he’s lowering the car and we all watch it go back down.

After a few engine revs, the C8 Corvette is shut down.

FYI, for those of you configuring a Stingray, the power folding mirrors are available on LT2 and LT3 trims. As far as the Front End Lift System, we believe it to be available across all trims. We’ll learn the price of the system on August 15th.

Docprego / YouTube

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  1. I was there. Sat in that car earlier. Spoke at length to the buy behind the wheel. Learned a couple of things. I confirmed that ALL of the c8s we have seen to date and for the next few months, were hand assembled. When BG production begins this fall, the car you see here and all of the others we’ve seen will be crushed.
    The vertical window at the back of the cockpit is about 3/4 of an inch thick. The only sound heard in the cockpit come from the exhaust, not the engine bay.

  2. I’m guessing he put it into drive. And once the car was moving, he put it in neutral so he could rev the engine.

  3. Sounds like typical corporate fraud, waste and abuse if they can justify crushing these cars, passing along the costs incurred by anyone who purchases one. I’m not sure what’s so impressive about power folding mirrors, been a standard on so many vehicles for years. Maybe a first for the Vette, but big whoop. As for the GPS front-end lift, great feature, although not sure why it was used in the application here, nowhere near it being needed. I’m not sure what idiot at GM came up with the disgusting wheel options for the C8, but they should seek serious medical help regarding them. Couldn’t think of another asinine set of wheel options for a brand-new design. I’d rock hubcaps before EVER considering those wheels. I wouldn’t even use them on winter wheels for any vehicle, they are so absurd. This is all coming from a current owner of 5 GM vehicles, one a custom ’10 Camaro 2SS. The thinking on this C8 has so many pros, but unfortunately way to many cons. I wouldn’t consider purchasing one until several changes are made, wheel design, the ridiculous HVAC controls, ugly spoiler, poor design of the 3rd brake light, ugly square exhaust no manual option (don’t give a rats ass if there were not many C7’s sold with them, an option on a car like this is necessary!) and more. There are a lot of positives, but as a current GM owner, not a chance in hell I’d consider buying one. It’s no wonder GM is in so much trouble, layoffs beyond belief, yuck. That’s what you get for supporting local brands, versus buying something worthy. Thanks for all the continued and repeated disappointment GM!

  4. Enjoy the comments however keep in mind THIS OS NOW A TRUE SUPERCAR, GM ISNT F*#KING AROUND ANYMORE. every American should applaud this marvel of engineering under 60k, or under 100k with it’s competitors 2 and 3x the cost

  5. @Doesn’t Matter

    And you are a bulls**t because I will buy a fully loaded C8 Z51 anyway. And thanks for all your continued hate, trolling and pure idiocy until you will die and get banned while I am happy driving my new C8 Corvette.

  6. Nice car ? If you’re not into hp , please don’t be afraid to a throw down with ZL1. Camaro once again kicking Corvette to the curb,

  7. @Doesn’t Matter

    Did Mary Barra personally visit your home to pee in your morning bowl of Cheerios?

  8. @Doesn’t Matter, truly a Ford man, probably a paid Ford man, probably also thinks that hp wins races, my 400hp Camaro ats motor will eat up any gt350 around, and 90% of the other cars that line up with me, thinking I don’t have a chance, well I’ve surprised a lot of people, and won a lot of respect, having said that, the gt500 is NOT a super car, and they will never compare with the new vette.. sorry to disappoint!!!

  9. if it doesn’t matter, then don’t buy one! it’s just so easy. stick with your old Camaro and be happy

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