There is a Quality Control Hold at the Assembly Plant for Some 2022 Corvette Stingrays Over Wheels


There is a Quality Control Hold at the Assembly Plant for Some 2022 Corvette Stingrays Over Wheels

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Back at the end of March 2021, GM issued a service bulletin regarding “Wheel Casting with Exposed Porosity” in which some Corvette wheels were discovered to have a pitting problem from the casting process. The service bulletin confirmed that it was both the Open Spoke and Trident wheels that were affected, and service techs were told to inspect the wheels and replace if necessary.

While the service bulletin appeared to affect 2020 and 2021 model-year Stingrays that were already produced, we’ve been hearing about a new potential issue with the Corvette Stingray’s wheels again and now the Corvette Assembly Plant has confirmed that there is currently a quality control hold for certain customers because of faulty wheels.

Several new Corvette buyers have taken to the forums to say that their Corvettes have been held up at the plant with some stuck at Status 3800 while others progressed to 4000. The NCM Delivery Program has also been forced to reschedule deliveries because of the QC holds as well.

A member of the Corvette Forum named “Mrvett” says his car was produced earlier in the month and he received this reason from the NCM for the delay: “I suspect that your car is part of a large batch needing a wheel replacement. They are working diligently to get the proper wheels from the supplier.”

Our friends at the reached out to a representative at the Corvette Assembly Plant who issued this statement:

We can confirm that a small percentage vehicles are being held at the factory for a wheel-related quality hold. Manufacturing has been working quickly to resolve the issue and affected vehicles are expected to ship by the end of the month.

Back over on the Forums, we are hearing that customers who ordered both the standard Open Spoke wheels and the Tridents are having their orders delayed.

“Dave O” on the Corvette Forum posted “I think I am closing in on the record for the forever 4000 club for September Allocations. Mine was built on 11/2, VIN 5772. Shane told me the exact same thing about the wheel issue and that my car is most likely a part of it. My wheels are Spectra Grey Tridents. What’s even worse for me is I have already paid for the car in full as well as taxes and registration.”


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  1. Covid, wheels, weather, computers, transmissions, heads, heated seats, computers, wheels. Just another day in the American Automobile Manufacturing business.

  2. Let’s wait on this rush to call the C8 a “Supercar.” You can’t have issues like this (which are safety hazards) and call this a Supercar. Maybe there’s a reason that the other “comparable” cars are more expensive. No problems with my C7Z06 wheels that I am aware of, but these kinds of factory imperfections must be remedied before we start calling any C8 a Supercar.

  3. GM Can’t build good valve springs or good wheels. Remember that old saying, what does Chevrolet stand for. CAN HEAR EVERY VALVE RATTLE ON LONG EXTENDED TRIP.. That’s true in the Corvette because of the broken valve springs.

  4. I’ve known corvett since 1953 and went down to the plant in st louis lots of times as a kid. My vette is stuck down there too at 4000 built october 25 and at 76 I have less time to enjoy it than most of you Although I believe somebody keeps dropping the ball last 3 years on these wheels, its still my American sports car and I love em to bits I have a 2016 3lt coupe z51 up on the lift less than a 1000 miles on it I take her out on perfect days I just can’t let her go It’s the spirit of “Corvette” not nuts, bolts, fiberglass, pistons and tires. On the tour they mention that they hold vettes for a couple of weeks for quality inspection and now you see it works as they caught the problem. I’m in line for a z06 and I’ll still keep my z51 c8, and my 2016 z51. I guess if they were women I would be quilty of having a harem i have had 6 vettes and I wish had never sold any of them but back than couldn’t afford to keep em. So keep the faith and enjoy a legend, not just a car


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