The 2nd Shift Returns to Work Today at the Corvette Assembly Plant


The 2nd Shift Returns to Work Today at the Corvette Assembly Plant

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

For the last two weeks, the 2nd shift at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY has been halted due to supply chain issues. It is unknown which part or vendor has caused the plant to reduce production, and BGAP communications manager Rachel Bagshaw said it was unrelated to the current semiconductor chip shortages the industry has been facing.

We reached out to Rachel first thing this morning and she confirmed with the single word “YES” that the 2nd shift was returning to work this week starting today.

Leading up to the reduction in production, the assembly plant had produced an average of 866 new Corvettes per week over the last five weeks of full production. The parts supply problems actually started becoming an issue on Wednesday, October 20th as the plant would build just 68 cars that day and then only 159 for the rest of the week. During the course of the two weeks that the 2nd shift was home, production fell to 444 cars the first week and 443 on the second week, and so we are estimating the loss of about 1,000 cars during the latest shutdown.

While that slowdown was unfortunate, we’ll definitely take two weeks of reduced production vs any full-stop closures and we are glad that plant director Kai Spande and the gang were able to make it work.

There have been some rumors of additional part supply disruptions in the coming weeks but for the time being, they are just rumors. For now, let’s be grateful that the plant is back at full capacity, and let’s hope it lasts as long as possible.

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  1. Question: Does anyone know if there is a Fix for the DCT issue?the day I read about this issue I said Self Thank God I do not have that problem but the very next morning it came up on the information center it popped up! :(( I’m one of the unlucky ones with that issue and have not heard anything about the Fix.

  2. C8Ron, unfortunately more and more people will experience transmission issues as well. That Tremec DCT unit will be problematic to say the least!

  3. What is it with Corvette & transmission problems? The 8-speed auto in the C7 is a dog (I know, I own one). Shifts are occasionally rough & unpredictable, and now the C8 DCT has issues. They’ll never fix the C7 auto since it’s a one model tranny. However, the C8 DCT will be with us for quite a few more years, so let’s hope a proper fix is in the works. Sooner rather than later. Why continue to build something you know is defective?

  4. It’s an engineering defect, not a manufacturing defect so they don’t have to fix it. Just like oil burning. Heck they didn’t even want to fix the hoods popping up while driving!

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