BLOGGER BUILDS: The Sommers-Spec C8 Corvette Z06


BLOGGER BUILDS: The Sommers-Spec C8 Corvette Z06!

We are only one day removed from the C8 Z06 reveal, and those of us who write about Corvettes every day are completely floored by the awesomeness of what we just saw! It took me over an hour to pick myself off of the floor and I can barely keep a single train of thought going for this column.

One of the best things from the reveal that has thus far gone under the radar is the limited, but growing “beta” version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 visualizer that went live (and is working about as well as the early-build Stingray one was the night of 7/18/19) shortly after the intro video.

Keith and the rest of your favorite Corvette Bloggers will be creating their favorite virtual 2023 Corvette Z06s from the visualizer and will have their “Blogger Builds” posted soon, but I am going to kick things off with the Sommers-Spec C8 Z06!

But first, a disclaimer: In the world where I can afford to order a C8Z, I’d be parking it next to a manual-transmission CT5-V Blackwing. My favorite color on the C8 is Rapid Blue, but because of limitations in the Cadillac’s color palette, I’m going with the Carolina blue on the four-door. With that color already taken by my other current dream car, I’m starting my 3LZ Z06 Convertible build on a canvas of Amplify Orange Tintcoat (which has grown on me like a locker room foot fungus in the past few weeks) with a full carbon flash roof.

BLOGGER BUILDS: The Sommers-Spec C8 Corvette Z06!

After “exterior colors,” my first stop is the performance and wheels tab, where I grabbed the Z07 package as fast as humanly possible. Next, I color-matched my calipers to my orange paint and selected the exposed carbon fiber five-spoke wheels. The only other exterior option that I needed after selecting the Z07 package, was the black exhaust tips.

BLOGGER BUILDS: The Sommers-Spec C8 Corvette Z06!

The most painful loss that I had to endure when switching exterior colors came from having to swap out the Tension Blue two-tone interior. Luckily, my new choice, Natural Dipped, looked stunning in the reveal! Give me all of the carbon interior goodies you’ve got too, Chevrolet! Finally, I decided to stick with the GT2 seats in suede with orange seat belts.

BLOGGER BUILDS: The Sommers-Spec C8 Corvette Z06!

So, there you have it! My first go of thousands to come on the C8Z configurator. I am beyond excited about this car and will have one someday! If you have similar tastes, do me a favor and take care of your order until I have the funds to take it off of your hands! Enjoy, Corvette Nation, and my apologies to your boss about your productivity level at work this week!

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  1. If your interior choice you show above had what you stated you wanted ( ” Give me all of the carbon interior goodies you’ve got too” ) it wouldn’t look anything like what you have shown above but would have the “Carbon Fiber Trim Package Level 2” checked in the visualizer & the interior would look completely different.

  2. Good catch, Jon. That option wasn’t live in the visualizer yet when I was completing this build. In fact, the first 15 or so times I started to spec a C8Z, there were only three tabs available and clicking one would crash the site like a Mustang leaving cars and coffee. This one finally got all the way through and they’ve been slowly adding options as they go. I’d say the build site wasn’t quite ready for prime time yesterday.

  3. Agreed, Alex. I’ve attempted a couple builds but have been unable to color the calipers (I cannot seem to change them from yellow) and such, but it’ll get better I assume.

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