[VIDEO] FuelTech USA Has First C8 Corvette to Run the Quarter Mile in the 8s


[VIDEO] FuelTech USA Has First C8 Corvette to Run the Quarter Mile in the 8s

Photo Credit: FuelTech USA

Eight seconds isn’t just for bull riding. It’s now the world record for the fastest C8 Corvette on the planet.

For over a year, we’ve been following the exploits of several drivers/tuning companies who continued to innovate various ways to make their C8 Corvettes faster and FuelTech USA becomes the first to achieve that 8-second goal.

The race to the 8s began back in October 2020 when Extreme Turbo Systems was the first to crack the 9-second mark. They would lose the World’s Fastest C8 Corvette title to Emelia Hartford’s C8 nicknamed Phoenix who kept improving upon her times over the next six months. Emelia’s best time of 9.39 seconds would eventually fall as a customer of Extreme Turbo Systems retook the record in August with a surprise time of 9.05 at 159 MPH.

Meanwhile, Anderson Dick and his team at FuelTech USA were in the mix as their twin-turbo Corvette was steadily improving in both power and quickness. They would retake the power record for the C8 Corvette with a 1350 whp dyno run in September before taking the record from ETS for the fastest C8 Corvette with a time of 9.01 at 153 mph.

[VIDEO] FuelTech USA Has First C8 Corvette to Run the Quarter Mile in the 8s

It was just about a week ago that we learned about FuelTech USA’s failed attempt to break into the 8s after their C8 Corvette suffered an engine failure which left a huge hole in the crankshaft. FuelTech USA’s president and owner Anderson Dick believed he was on the cusp of breaking that 8-second barrier with that run.

Once back at the shop, the team set about replacing that engine with a spare and then headed back to the track where Anderson broke their own world record run with a quarter mile time of 8.973 seconds at 160 mph.

To say they were excited about that achievement would be an understatement as the video shows!

So where do these performance junkies go from here now that the record has been broken? Although FuelTech is the first to break into the 8s, we don’t believe they will be the last and so the race to go even faster will continue.

Congrats again to the team at FuelTech USA for achieving this record-breaking title as the first run of a C8 Corvette Stingray into the 8s. To read more about how they got there, check out this celebratory blog post from their website.

FuelTech USA

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  1. Not to be overly picky, but in your reference to the fastest C8, and to help those new to the hobby:
    8 seconds is not fast, it is QUICK, referencing the rate of acceleration.
    160 mph is not fast, 220 mph is fast.
    And as a last nit-pic, the blown engine left a hole in the crankcase, not the crankshaft.
    Still enjoyed the article though!

  2. Dave I think you are confusing 220 MPH on an oval or road course with 160 MPH on a drag strip. It takes th car much longer to reach 220 with normal acceleration. But since the motor was blown up what motor was in it to do the run? and what motor did they blow up? was it a stock block? yes great article and congradulations

  3. Bill, was mostly just trying to point out that the premise of the article should be:
    “World’s quickest C8”
    Maybe I have my semantics mixed up.
    I’m just a guy who loves all things that a Corvette can do!

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