[VIDEO] FuelTech Now Has the Fastest C8 Corvette in the World


[VIDEO] FuelTech Now Has the Fastest C8 Corvette in the World

The C8 Horsepower Wars between several Corvette owners and tuners has been a lot of fun to watch and we are still waiting to see who will be the first to get their C8 Corvette to run in the 8s. Based on this new world record from FuelTech USA, it shouldn’t be much longer.

As a quick recap, Emelia Hartford and her team held both C8 records – the highest horsepower at 1201whp and fastest quarter-mile time of 9.36 – but she has since given up the fastest title to Extreme Turbo Systems who last month had a customer’s car “accidentally” set the record with a quarter mile time of 9.05 at 159 MPH. Meanwhile, FuelTech USA stepped up last week and took Emelia’s highest horsepower title in C8 at 1201 whp after their Torch Red 2020 Corvette rolled off 1350 wheel horsepower on the dyno.

After his record-setting dyno run last week, We knew that FuelTech owner Anderson Dick would soon be taking the car to the dragstrip and on Saturday they set a new world record quarter-mile time for the C8 with a ground-pounding run of 9.01 at 153 mph.

These recent records from FuelTech should have the other teams sweating bullets as all are vying for the bragging rights for the first C8 Corvette to run in the 8s. For those of us enjoying the action, we couldn’t have a better seat in the house to see who takes it first.

Here’s another look at that record-setting quarter-mile with Anderson looking pretty happy after the run:

Anderson Dick / YouTube

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