[VIDEO] Extreme Turbo Systems Shatters C8 Corvette World Record With a 9.05 at 159 MPH


[VIDEO] Extreme Turbo Systems Shatters C8 Corvette World Record With a 9.05 at 159 MPH

While most owners are more than happy with the amazing performance of the C8 Corvette that’s capable of an 11.3 second quarter mile at 121 mph straight from the factory, others seek to unlock even faster quarter-mile times with aftermarket upgrades.

It was nearly a year ago that a 2020 Corvette armed with an Extreme Turbo System’s ETS kit broke the 9-second barrier with a run of 9.95 seconds. Now the company has claimed the title of the World’s fastest C8 Corvette with a quarter-mile run of 9.05 seconds at 159 mph!

Extreme Turbo Systems shared a “quick” cell phone video of the world record run to YouTube which they say was set accidentally by an ETS customer. They promise to bring along a film crew the next time they hit the track as they will be “hunting the 8s.”

The mods on new world-record C8 Corvette include the ETS twin-turbo kit with PT6466 turbochargers and an ETS prototype clutch kit. There is also the addition of a C8 fuel system, intake manifold, and a tuning package with Motec ECU to control the additional fuel.

And lest you forget, ETS reminds us they had the first C8 to make over 1,000 whp on the dyno, the first C8 to run in the 9s, and now the first C8 to run over 150 mph in the quarter-mile.


The 9.05 quarter mile shatters the previous record held by Emelia Hartford and her C8 Corvette named “Phoenix.” Emelia first set the record in early March with a 9.908 and improved that time by nearly half a second with a run of 9.4 seconds. In early June she broke her own record with a blistering run of 9.36 at 147 mph. Since then she has upgraded her stock clutch with a heavy-duty Dodson clutch with the goal of running in the 8s as well.

Extreme Turbo Systems

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  1. Congratulations ETS for knocking that little twit, what’s-her-name off her pedestal. Hope you guys do what you have to do to be the first in the 8s and stay in first place.

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