[VIDEO] FuelTech Suffers Setback As Engine Blows in its World Record C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] FuelTech Suffers Setback As Engine Blows in its World Record C8 Corvette

It was just a month ago that we were celebrating FuelTech USA and its owner Anderson Dick who had just shattered the world record for having the fastest C8 Corvette as well as the most powerful. With the speed record now standing at 9.01 at 153 mph, Anderson and his crew headed back to Alabama International Dragway to see if they could finally break the 8-second barrier for the C8 Corvette.

Anderson uploaded a lengthy 42-minute video two days ago with the update on their latest track adventure and unfortunately, it did not go well. As the video was offered in Anderson’s native Portuguese language, we watched with rapt attention and followed the action with the English subtitles to bring you the latest on what happened.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Suffers Setback As Engine Blows in its World Record C8 Corvette

The track action begins at around 22 minutes as the Corvette is staged for its first run down the strip. On its first two attempts, the car only made the launch before bogging down and losing power. After pulling out the laptop and checking the logs, the crew makes a few adjustments to the Corvette’s clutch pressure, and then it heads out to run “the pass.”

The Pass begins at 23 minutes and we see a clean launch as the Corvette thunders down the dragway, popping a small wheelie with every shift change. From the rear we see the brake lights come on just a split second before the car crosses the finish line while flames shoot out of the rear tailpipes. That’s the moment the engine of the C8 Corvette grenaded. Despite the engine woes, the FuelTech Corvette ran 9.084 at 134.91 mph.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Suffers Setback As Engine Blows in its World Record C8 Corvette

After pushing the car back to the paddock, Anderson pulls up the logs and sees the engine was blown at 7.1 seconds into the run. With a faster 1/8th mile time than his world record run, Anderson is convinced that this would have been an 8-second run.

Anderson states at that moment that he’s not really sad that the engine blew up and begins talking about a new engine they have back at the shop so they can go after these records even harder.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Suffers Setback As Engine Blows in its World Record C8 Corvette

The next day the crew is back in the shop and they get their first look at the underside of the Corvette. The data logger told them it was cylinder 1 that failed on the car. Once the car is on the lift, we see a massive hole in the crankcase. Anderson believes the connecting rod snapped in half which caused the engine to blow. As Anderson puts it, he just found out that saving money on the wrong part can cost you in the end. The set of connecting rods that were on the car cost him $600 to which he says that’s why they make a set that costs $2000.

The good news is that Anderson does have another engine on hand and they hope to be back at the track soon to not only break their previous record but hit the 8s as well.

FuelTech USA

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  1. DT I had a stock 427 69 Corvette that in it’s day was the hottest rig available too.
    But if you knew anything about modern Corvettes, you would know that any bone stock C-6, C-7 or C-8 would handily beat your “66 big block” in a quarter mile run.

  2. Hey Dick, lost all respect for you with the Portuguese BS, This is America, we speak English like you are fluent in and you can damn well put Portuguese in the subtitles if you feel the need to reach out to your homies. Doubt this will stay up long, but hope you see it and know that I doubt I’m alone in my feelings

  3. Ronnie,
    Well said! Our politicians allowed this to happen in America because of their greed!
    Hey, press 1 for English.

  4. DT – – –
    You should also know that Horsepower ratings in the whole industry changed downward an average of 15% in 1972 so your “big block” 390 Horsepower in todays numbers is really 330 which is a pretty useless number to go street racing with. You should buy a Mustang – – you sound more suited for that kind of low HP rig!

  5. The first part of the 1966 model year, the decal on the L72 said 450hp, not sure why it changed for the remainder of the year to 425hp. 450hp was a very accurate number as was the 425 rating on the 1965 L78. It only makes sense that 31 more cubic inches could easily make 25 more horsepower.

  6. DT — please post a link to a video showing you doing a sub-9 second quarter mile in your ’66 big block. Would love to see it.

  7. I would bet big money some BS artist like DT can’t break the THIRTEEN second quarter mile with any factory “big block” and either the 2 speed automatic or the three speed manual offered in 1966.

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