[VIDEO] FuelTech Retakes the Horsepower World Record for the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] FuelTech Retakes the Horsepower World Record for the C8 Corvette

It’s been a few months since we heard from FuelTech, but they are back in a big way after their 2020 Corvette test car just hit 1,350 wheel horsepower which puts the crank horsepower at greater than 1,500 and closer to 1,600 according to founder and CEO Anderson Dick.

FuelTech’s C8 Corvette is powered by two Garrett G35-900 turbochargers mounted inside the engine compartment and as the Corvette’s engine control unit remains encrypted, a dual fuel system is installed with the secondary system controlled by their FT600 ECU mounted in the Corvette’s cup holders. From there, they are able to control all aspects of the secondary fuel system which is activated when the intake manifold sees positive pressure.

The FuelTech Corvette also uses methanol fuel to cool the turbo air and Nitrous Outlet adds extra air to the engine which also helps to cool the non-intercooled turbocharged air, although Fuel Tech says they didn’t need the nitrous on the record-setting dyno run.

[VIDEO] FuelTech Takes the Horsepower World Record for the C8 Corvette

What was in play for this run was a new transmission strategy that saw FuelTech build a wiring harness designed to allow a second FT600 control system to govern the transmission’s functions. FuelTech says in the video description that it was designed to “prevent the factory PCM from triggering the OEM torque reduction table.”

Anderson says they have also made improvements to the gear shifting for handling the additional power and he says the next test for the C8 Corvette will come in about a week as they head to the race track for some quarter-mile pulls.

FuelTech takes back the world HP record from Emelia Hartford whose C8 Corvette dyno’d at 1,201 WHP which she claimed was the first Corvette to greater than 1,400 horsepower at the crank. Extreme Turbo Systems currently has the record for the world’s fastest C8 Corvette after a customer ran 9.05 at 159 MPH.

The video description offers a very detailed look at FuelTech’s C8 Corvette project so make sure you give it a read.


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