The First Allocation of 2022 Corvettes are Officially Sold Out in Australia


The First Allocation of 2022 Corvettes are Officially Sold Out in Australia

Photo Credit: Chevrolet Japan

The first allocation of 250 mid-engine 2022 Corvettes with right-hand-drive straight from the factory has already sold out in Australia, CarAdvice reports.

The initial batch is slated to be built in the Bowling Green Assembly Plant during the second half of this year, with delivery possible just before Christmas or early next year, according to the website.

“The initial allocation has been accounted for,” General Motors Specialty Vehicles confirmed to CarAdvice.

But there’s hope for other Aussies, as GMSV – the new company handling the sales of General Motors vehicles in Australia – says “this is only the first allocation.”

Even with future allocations taken into account, however, the number of new Corvettes is likely to remain small, with each dealer expected to receive only three to five vehicles, and colors and options will be limited.

“There will be some further Model Year 2022 allocations,” GMSV says, “with Model Year 2023 to follow when production commences for right-hand drive.”

Five versions will be available, including 2LT coupe for $144,990; 2LT convertible for $159,990; 3LT coupe for $160,500; 3LT convertible for $175,500; and Carbon Edition for $189,990, not counting the on-road costs.

Some customers have paid $20,000 to $40,000 above MSRP to make sure they are among the first in Australia to own RHD mid-engine Corvettes, driving the ultimate price above $200,000 in some cases.

“Delivery fees are at the discretion of the dealer,” GMSV responds.


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  1. Based upon what I have seen dealers doing to customers in the U.S. with regard to pricing on the C8, I can only imagine what the Aussie customers will pay for their right hand versions.

  2. While a significant number of potential US buyers will not be able to purchase a C8 again during the model year ’22, why is it so important to remind us that other people around the world who are not “US buyers” are going to get their Corvettes, regardless of what they have pay for them?

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