[VIDEO] Installing an Oil Catch Can on the C8 Corvette’s LT2 Engine


[VIDEO] Installing an Oil Catch Can on the C8 Corvette's LT2 Engine

Have you thought about adding an oil catch can to your C8 Corvette? Perhaps after this video, it will be the Corvette mod that moves to the top of your list.

Oil catch cans help protect direct-injection engines from spreading contaminants before they reach your intake manifold. They are generally easy to install and when you see what they do catch, it will make you wonder why you haven’t considered a catch can before this.

Without getting too technical, the catch can is mounted between the intake manifold and the crankcase, utilizing the pressure relief hose. The hose helps in the relief of high pressure that can build up inside the crankcase during the combustion process. The common problem here is that oil and other gunk from the combustion process creates “blow-by” that can push these contaminants back into your intake manifold where they accumulate and eventually cause a loss of power and fuel economy.

Direct Injection motors are more susceptible to this than port-injection motors due to the fact that fuel from port injection motors is sprayed directly onto the intake valves which helps keep them clean, whereas fuel from direct-injection motors is sprayed directly into the cylinder so they are more likely to have deposits accumulate.

From 519AutoTech via YouTube:

In this C8 Corvette vlog I install an oil catch can on the 6.2L v8 engine. This is a very simple modification that will save the intake and exhaust valves from getting oil deposits on them. Direct injection engines are notorious for this problem and doing this will help the performance and longevity of the engine.

To learn more about oil catch cans, check out this informative video from Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained.

519AutoTech / YouTube

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  1. Andrew,

    To my knowledge, installation of a catch can on a C7 Z06 will invalidate the warranty. I own a 2018 Z06 and would love to install one but don’t dare as I am fearful of losing my extended warranty!

    Anyway, my guess is that installing one on a C8 would also result in the loss of the warranty on any components which they deem to have been adversely affected by a catch can; i.e., the entire engine!

    It makes absolutely no sense to me why they would negate a warranty for installation of a component which prevents foreign material from getting into the induction system, thereby protecting it.

    Furthermore, why isn’t Chevrolet installing them?

    Montana Bob

  2. If the facts in this article are true, why doesn’t Chevy install this item at the factory? Or is this another case of GM’s Bean Counters cutting corners?

  3. Aren’t the GM finance guys smart enough to add this $30 item (including the 5 minutes of line labor) at Bowling Green so they can charge the buyer another $200-$300 by listing that feature among those “…outstanding technological design elements provided to ensure the buyer enjoys his/her new C8 for many years of driving pleasure”.

  4. This is a environmental EPA Emissions issue which is why a catch can is not standard equipment not to mention the extra maintenance cost/Time needed to empty it out.

  5. Come on people, do you really think new modern day engines are pumping “oil and other gunk from the combustion process” into your intake manifold? Engines haven’t had a “blow by” issue for at least 30 years. The automotive industry had to dry out engines to make the catalytic converters last for the life of the car. This 519AutoTech guy use to sell electronic mileage boosters (for carburetors) at county fairs. You can be sure GM is not going to want this POS on a car that’s still under warrantee.

  6. I have not considered a catch can since I stopped drive a 1956 Chevy 210 straight 6 with three on the tree and JC Whitney stopped sending catalogs. In that time I have grown to appreciate that if I never start one of my cars without intending to bring up to operating temperature, about 180 before I ever shut it down and let it set! Engineers have determined a catch can isn’t needed if you use quality fuel oil and always bring it up to operating temperature to keep from developing carbon deposits. If the engineers didn’t put a catch canon the car from the factory I don’t need one!

  7. If this is so important or necessary, then why would GM not make it a regular production piece?? I would think that if it was that much of a benefit or GM saw a need it would be there already.

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