[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Receives Front and Rear Brake Pads in DIY Instructional Videos


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Receives Front and Rear Brake Pads in DIY Instructional Videos

“A mechanic once tried to sell me new brakes, but I knew that would only slow me down.”

Now that I got that dad joke off my chest, here’s a couple DIY videos showing a driveway mechanic swapping out the brake pads on a 2020 Corvette Z51 Coupe.

Anthony of AB’s Garage on YouTube teamed up with fellow YouTuber Matt from RearWheelDrive whose distinctive Green Stingray we’ve have featured several times before. Matt has been doing some autocrossing and drag racing in his car, and with 22K miles on the car, it’s no surprise to us that a brake pad change was in order. Once the pads were off we see that there was only about a millimeter or two worth of material left so it looks like Matt got to them just in time.

The change of the brake pads is pretty straightforward. On the fronts, the calipers are removed from the rotor but the hydraulic brake hose remains connected. On the rears, the calipers stay on the car, and a punch pin is used to remove the pads from it. It definitely helps to have the right tools for the job which includes a torque wrench with a breaker bar and a caliper spreader tool.

Instead of utilizing OEM replacement pads, Matt went with a set of Carbotech C8 brake pads for the front and rear which supposedly helps to cut down on the brake dust. If any of you are using Carbotech brake pads, let me know how they work for you in the comments section below.

First up is Matt’s video where he does the driver’s side front and rear brake pad change. Below are the two videos from Anthony’s channel which shows the process a bit more completely as he changes out the passenger side front and rear pads.

AB’s Garage and RearWheelDrive

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  1. I am using the Carbotech on my C8 and have 12,000 miles on them now…

    The brakes perform very well, without brake dust..
    However, they do squeak occationally…
    Not sure what causes that, or how to eliminate the noice.

  2. Are any of the bolts on the front TTY bolts? Torque to yield bolts are one time use bolts? C 5 C 6 and C 7 all have bolts that must be replaced.

  3. Al Krauza thank you. I’m considering them and the occasional squeaking may be a very fair trade off to the loads and loads of brake dust the factory pads make. I’m always wiping the wheels lol.

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