[VIDEO] Take a Hot Lap Around Fuji Speedway in a Right Hand Drive C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Take a Hot Lap around Fuji Speedway in a Right Hand Drive C8 Corvette

Following up on our original story of the five right hand drive C8 Corvettes shown in Japan during a private review party held on May 29th at Fuji Speedway, we’ve come across a video from a Japanese automotive reviewer named Kazuo Shimizu who attended the event and got to drive the car on the track.

Despite the obvious language barrier, it’s actually a fun video with some great visuals showing the 2021 Corvette models on display as well as out on the track. At 5:04 in the video (and after a relaxing cup of tea), he is shown behind the wheel of the 2021 Corvette Z51 as he completes a hot lap of Fuji Speedway. This is the first we’ve seen an RHD C8 Corvette out on the track, but we know it won’t be the last as new RHD models will soon be shipping to the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

[VIDEO] Take a Hot Lap around Fuji Speedway in a Right Hand Drive C8 Corvette

I set the timecode on the video to play at the hot lap (5:04), but for those who are interested in the RHD Corvettes or just like to see how America’s Favorite Sports Car is introduced in Japan, it’s really worth watching from the beginning.

StartYourEnginesX / YouTube

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