[VIDEO] Bad News for Emelia Hartford and Her Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Named Phoenix


[VIDEO] Bad News for Emelia Hartford and Her Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Named Phoenix

The last video with Emelia Hartford had her breaking her own world record times in the C8 Corvette not once but twice during a two-day private test at Famoso Raceway outside of Bakersfield, California. With the previous record standing at 9.41 seconds and despite the fact that the temps were over 100 degrees, Emelia was able to beat her record with quarter-mile runs of 9.36 and a 9.39.

It’s now Day Two of that test and Emelia and her team are up early to take advantage of the cooler morning temps. Unfortunately, Phoenix was having some issues…

After her first couple attempts, she says the car isn’t happy and they determine that the previous day’s custom tune that was tweaked for the 100-degree afternoon might be the issue. So after a quick update, she runs a 9.63 but when she gets back to the staging lanes she tells us that Phoenix went into limp mode in 4th gear. The car is also backfiring (and even shooting flames) and she says it feels like the transmission doesn’t know what it wants to do.

[VIDEO] Bad News for Emelia Hartford and Her Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Named Phoenix

They are also questioning the Corvette’s clutches and whether or not they are holding up under the power.

The team brings in a datalogger for the transmission control module and after some testing in the parking lot, they do think they are getting data from the transmission. With that in mind, Emelia suits up and she and Phoenix do another quarter-mile run at 9.75. Following that run, the crew can smell the clutches and so the car is officially parked for the rest of the day.

With Phoenix now appearing to need new clutches, Emelia is “super bummed” that she’ll have to miss her planned appearance at “Race Week.” The day isn’t a total loss though as she also gets some runs from her other car, a twin-turbo G-body named Mimi.

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  1. I saw her run that Buick twin turbo, she needs some lessons on how to shift a car when your racing, I do give her credit though, she runs that Corvette pretty hard, but stick to the automatics….LOL

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