Corvette Assembly Plant Completed Three Corvettes Last Week


Corvette Assembly Plant Completed Three Corvettes Last Week

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

With the Corvette Assembly Plant closed again and the Corvette Nation going absolutely crazy over the repeated delays and the lack of info regarding the end of the model year production plans, we came across this nugget thanks to our friends at the C8 Corvette Owners group on Facebook.

The group is one of our go-to sites for collecting VIN and production information, and every morning that production is going on, we can see the results and the VIN counts from the day before.

While not expecting to see any regular production information this week, we were certainly were surprised to see the news that on Thursday, May 27th the plant completed three Corvettes despite the plant closure. The graphic below shows the plant completed VINs 14559 – 14561.

Corvette Production for 5/27

As for the how or why of completing three customer cars on what is supposed to be a stopped assembly line when the majority of workers are at home, there is likely a very plausible reason that we will never know.

Even though there are rumors to the contrary, we are still being told that the Corvette Assembly Plant will be restarting production of the 2021 Corvettes on Monday, June 7th.

C8 Corvette Owners Group / Facebook

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  2. The USA will destroy itself due to its dependence on technology that is usually developed on taxpayers money and then sold to the highest bidder. How long before we are importing oil again?

  3. Daniel, everything is going up in value in the automotive world, especially used cars. Some have doubled and tripled in price in less than two years!

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