Chevrolet Europe To Hold a Virtual C8 Corvette Launch Event May 7-9th


Chevrolet Europe To Hold a Virtual C8 Corvette Launch Event May 7-9th

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

We learned today thanks to a CorvetteBlogger reader that Chevrolet Europe is planning an interactive virtual live event to help launch the all-new C8 Corvette between May 7th and 9th. The notice we have is personalized from Ian Allan Motors, a dealer who is based in the United Kingdom.

Here is what the invitation revealed:

Chevrolet Europe To Hold a Virtual C8 Corvette Launch Event May 7-9th

Greetings to all our Ian Allan customers,

It’s almost time! The European launch of the all-new 8th generation Corvette is around the corner!

To mark the occasion, Chevrolet Europe cordially invites you to an interactive virtual Corvette Live Event. Between May 7 and 9, there will be several time slots, all dealing with different topics related to the upcoming European version of the Corvette Stingray. During the live streams, all viewers will have the opportunity to ask their questions about this unique vehicle directly via a chat box and the Chevrolet team will collect these questions and answer them directly in the stream.

To participate in this exclusive Corvette Live event and reserve one of the limited spots, please register in the hub today and choose your preferred time slot!

Kind regards and many thanks,

Kevin Hurl & the team

Dealer Principal at Ian Allan Motors

Chevrolet Europe To Hold a Virtual C8 Corvette Launch Event May 7-9th

We’ve been pretty excited about these regional launches around the world with the new Chevrolet Corvette, particularly in markets that have never had a Right Hand Drive model offered. The first RHD cars have been sent to Japan where expectations have been very high after the car had over 300 pre-orders in early 2020. England and the European continent are next up with Australia and New Zealand slated for the end of the year.

Chevrolet is utilizing a standardized “launch Edition” that features 3LT trims with Z51 and Magnetic Ride Control. There are eight different Coupe configurations as well as eight different Convertible configurations that will be offered initially with the first deliveries expected sometime in the fall.

Last year, Chevrolet Europe announced the list prices for the generously equipped launch edition models will start in the UK at £81,700 ($115,049.94 USD) for the coupe and at £87,110 ($122,668.30 USD) for the convertible.

Ian Allan Motors is the authorized distributor for Chevrolet in the United Kingdom. For questions about ordering your own C8 Corvette Launch Edition, contact them at [email protected] or visit

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  1. Corvettes in Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand – my friend would love to witness a C8 reveal…in his driveway in Alabama, especially the one he’s been waiting on for months. In fact, he’s waited so long that he’s given up and and completed the order guide for a 2022. Looks like GM just assumes these want-to-be U.S. owners will wait forever on a C8 rather than go to a competitor. My friend, who’s always owned Porsches, won’t hesitate to own another if he doesn’t get one of the early ’22 Corvettes.

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