[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Driver Killed In Drive-By Shooting in Houston


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Driver Killed In Drive-By Shooting in Houston

We’ve told you before about crashes involving new mid-engine Corvettes, but here’s a different twist to a damaged Stingray.

The driver of this Arctic White C8 Corvette coupe died Sunday afternoon after occupants of a black Cadillac Escalade drove up and fired possibly as many as 30 shots at Deondre Perkins, killing the 27-year-old who had been on his way to visit a friend in the area.

Video from the scene shows six bullet holes in the windshield of the Corvette and another in the A-pillar directly in front of the driver. Perkins managed to get out of the car, apparently to take cover, but ultimately suffered fatal wounds.

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Driver Killed In Drive-By Shooting in Houston

The shooting occurred around 12:30 p.m. in the 5800 block of Golden Forest Drive near Antoine Drive.

The Escalade was captured on a surveillance camera speeding away from the scene. Police believe multiple people may have also witnessed the crime and “we’re just hoping for the right person to have the courage to come forward and say they know what happened out here,” an officer told ABC13-News.

Family members at the scene told an ABC13 reporter that they were devastated and they are just trying to figure out if the suspects knew Perkins, if the shooting was targeted or random.


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  1. Jealousy and contempt for the owner, operate of the C8 by a group of assailants in a Cadillac Escalade is a result of easy access to guns on the streets of Huston Tx. At least they don’t claim the young man was killed by police and I truly hope Houston Police find justice for this young man who should not have not been in any danger driving his car in any American City!

  2. So where are all the protesters? Oh that’s right This doesn’t meet the narrative. Hope they catch them.

  3. Sad but if there wasn’t a Corvette involved with the story none of you guys or most of America would ever even hear about this shooting.

  4. Black on black crime is running rampant in the streets of America, and do you see any concern at all from Black Lives Matter? Nope! The founder is too busy buying homes, cars, and drugs from all those fools who donated over $90 million to that con artist and her “cause”.

  5. Wake up people, He’s sitting in the car flashing a gang sign. And as long as were at it. Most people save a life time to buy a Corvette. I forgot his surgery practice is doing very well.

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