RUMOR: European C8 Corvette Will Lose Close to 30 Horsepower Due to EU Emission Laws


RUMOR: European C8 Corvette Will Lose Close to 30 Horsepower Due to EU Emission Laws

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

We are classifying this next story as a rumor since the European C8 exports has yet to officially start, but thanks to a German Corvette enthusiast, we are learning that the European Emissions laws may have a real effect on the C8 Corvette’s horsepower.

We recall this 2019 story that when these new emissions rules went into effect in September 2019, GM was forced to halt the sales of the 6.2L V8 Corvettes and Camaros in the European Union as it required existing vehicles to be recertified under the new standards. GM elected not to recertify the Camaro due to its small sales figures and the C7 Corvette was soon to be retired for the C8 Corvette.

Part of these new emission laws had to do with the requirement of “Gasoline Particulate Filters” on engines that utilize direct injection. According to an MIT study posted in 2015, “GPF will create an additional back-pressure in the engine exhaust system that will reduce engine power and efficiency. This back pressure will increase as PM is trapped in the filter and decrease as combustible PM removed.”

A senior contributor to the named Ace who lives in Germany tells us that he has confirmed with multiple European dealers and even shares what the new horsepower, torque, and the expected 0-60 mph performance figures will be with the gasoline particulate filters on the LT2 V8:

Just got the information and confirmed that with multiple dealers that the European Corvette will have reduce in overall power thank to the requirement to install a Gasoline Particulate Filter to meet EU emission laws. The power changes as follows:

Horsepower: 468 HP (down from 495)
Torque: 455 Lb-ft (down from 470)
0-60 mph: 3.5s (down from 3.0)

To me this is a huge let down since the European C8 prices are pretty high compared to the US market (even though 2LT Z51 is standard here).

As European Corvette sales are expected to kick off this summer with both traditional exports for the Continent and the new Right Hand Drive models slated for the United Kingdom, we expect to hear more about this both from enthusiasts as well as the European auto mags. Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.


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  1. Europe wiping out 30 horse power is pretty funny for a part of the world that has more pollution from Cow Farts then they will ever get from a C8 Corvette. Funny we in North America have better, clearer Air and Water! Yes Eastern Europe is also Europe. Good Night Russia!

  2. Sign RPM act petition as you will see more of that crap here. Even race cars are subject tho EPA rules. Check it out.

  3. A GPF is a ceramic honeycomb filter integrated with the catalytic converter used to remove soot particles from the exhaust. It does nothing to gasoline and is merely called a Gasoline Particulate Filter to distinguish it from a DPF (diesel particulate filter) which serves the same purpose. The collected soot is burned off the filter by operating the engine briefly to produce higher than normal exhaust stream temperatures.

  4. Why even bother offering the C8 to these ass clowns? Way to many damn rules and regulations.

  5. The EU is a joke! They are like one big mafia playing with other people’s money and dictating what you can and can’t do. The pedestrian impact requirement is a perfect example of how idiotic they truly are. Drivers are suppose to accommodate morons who are jaywalking by collapsing the front facisa of an automobile when it impacts the pedestrian. If you are too stupid to use a crosswalk and get hit you deserve the injuries you receive! Too much accomodationing of stupid people and not enough of people who are in the wrong taking personal responsibility for their actions.

  6. The EU is an emulation theory gone out of control. That’s all I gotta say.

    I enjoy Europe as a travel destination, but living there has got me thinking, “They’re like a glorified HOA.”

  7. As a UK resident I agree alot with somes of the comments, and do not want a right hand drive Corvette. It has to be lhd! Those who want one will buy it regardless!

  8. Hopefully we will find out the truth soon at the Official European launch is around the corner as Cheverot EU has invited its European customers to an interactive virtual Corvette Live Event on the 7/9 May

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