Digital Paint Samples for the Three New 2022 Corvette Colors Revealed


Digital Paint Samples for the Three New 2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

Yesterday’s news that Sebring Orange and Zeus Bronze were no longer available surely caused a ripple among those who still wanted those colors for their 2021 Corvettes. Chevy has put both exteriors on national constraint with no more opportunities for those customers who are still waiting to have their 2021 Corvette order to be completed.

That news got us digging around to see if there were any previews or hints of the new colors for 2021 and sure enough, we struck gold! The Automotive Touch Up Paint website tends to have these digital versions of automotive paint swatches earlier than any other place. That site currently has only GMC exterior color swatches for the 2022 model year, but we found samples of all three colors with the previously leaked RPO codes.

C8 Corvette Exterior colors revealed

As we speculated earlier, the Amplify Orange (GC5) is a non-metallic tintcoat that probably has the same or similar reflective appearance as Rapid Blue. It’s a bright pastel color that reminds us of some of the flatter or even matte colors of Orange available on other exotic supercars with the Lamborghini coming to mind first.

We have seen some others speculate that Amplify Orange may be the same as the “Blaze Orange Metallic” that will be coming to the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, but based on a leak of the RPO codes for the Cadillac, Blaze Orange Metallic is different as its RPO is GCF which is the RPO displayed for Vivid Metallic. In our research on the 2022 Orange exterior color, we also found that the Blaze Orange metallic will be exclusive to the Blackwing model (at least for the first year).

As for the other two colors, we see that the previously leaked name of Caffeine Brown Metallic (G48) is actually called Galactica Metallic 1 and it’s darker than the previous Zeus Bronze Metallic.

C8 Corvette Exterior Brown Comparison

On the other hand, Hypersonic Metallic 1 (GA7) appears to be lighter than the outgoing Dark Shadow Metallic (GJI):

C8 Corvette Exterior Gray Comparison

Of these three colors, the one I am most hopeful about is the Hypersonic Gray as we are hoping it’s the same gray worn on Corvette Racing’s No. 4 C8.R race car. Just for kicks, I put the digital swatch for Hypersonic Metallic against an indoor photo of the Gray C8.R. It’s closer to a match than Shadow Gray was, but still hard to determine as it looks like the swatch has more metallic in it than the Gray C8.R.

Corvette Racing C8.R

I know that digital low-resolution color swatches aren’t the best and so we always try to reserve judgment until we’ve seen a car fully painted and displayed under the sun. But I have to ask what you guys think of these three new colors and if there is one of them that excites you the most. Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. What happened to the Corvette tradition of naming colors for racetracks rather than namby-
    pamby names like Amplify or Hypersonic? At least use a common sense adjective like “Sunfire” Yellow ( my favorite). I miss my Lime Rock Green C7.

  2. These are GM’s internal paint names. We believe the Corvette Team will come up with some interesting/historic marketing names for these exterior colors when they are officially released.

  3. Sorry but not enough here to excite me. Trading out one color for a different shade of the same color is kinda lame. Trade out Sebring Orange for LimeRock Green metallic, Zeus Bronze for Pocono Plum Crazy, and Shadow Grey for Watkins Glenn Grey and I’m all in!

  4. Don’t know why they are worried about new colors when they can’t even fill the orders for this year. Maybe they should be more worried about getting the parts in so they can build more.

  5. I really like the Sebring Orange on my 2019 GS. The shade of the new orange looks good on the chip but I’m really disappointed it’s not metallic. My GS really sparkles in the sun…

  6. Do you think these colors will be at the bash, they usually preview that kind of thing there?
    I have a deposit on a Z06, somewhat excited about the “Hypersonic Metallic”

  7. Terry G why same old colors I love green 2014 lime rock GM LISTEN you charge a 1000 bucks for a new color so if i would want lime rock green on mine charge me extra .

  8. I can’t really imagine what these samples, including current colors, would look like on the car since they are so poor as color samples. And I’m like most of these commenters in their opinion that lime rock green, or maybe even a tad darker metallic green shade, would be my color of choice. Try to find a 2014 lime rock green Stingray and then compare the price of that car to a comparably equipped Stingray in some other color. The beautiful, classic green color certainly places a premium on those cars.

  9. I was one of the upset buyers that was informed my Zeus Bronze order had been rejected. I so so looking forward to my HTC in Zeus. I have changed my order to Red Mist Metallic I am really looking forward to its arrival late June. I saw one recently in glistening sunlight and I almost snapped my neck as it went by. It’s stunning for sure.

  10. Why change colors in the first place if customers are paying $1,000 extra for them? If it’s not broke, don’t break it. Wouldn’t the corvette team be better off figuring out what colors are not selling and replace them with colors their loyal customers actually want, like bringing back Lime Rock Green?

  11. Corvette should have a three tier paint selection. The first should have your basic colors (maybe 4-6 colors) for $0 cost if picked. Second tier would have another 10 colors that would cost $1k more as an option. The third tier could have another 10 more exotic colors that would cost $3k more as an option. There could be even a forth tier that would be a paint to sample color or a color that is in the GM data base but not offered for the current Corvette but this option would cost $10k more.

  12. Not impressed! The previous color offerings were much better! And those paint names are awful as well!

  13. I Love My Torch Red,My first corvette was Torch Red 1957 With White Insert and this will be my last corvette Torch Red C8 I already have 700 Mile on it and what An Eye Catcher.I Love that car.

  14. Please keep my Red Mist Tin Coat! And offer Hard Top Convertible in the Z06! I seen someone put down a deposit. Who’s taking deposits? I’m so anxious! Please let me know!

  15. Yes! Very happy I was able to get Sebring Orange. I don’t think I’d like it as much without metallic.

  16. GM and the others forget the basics of economics; “Demand sets prices – not supply”, therefore, the colors should also. The younger generation likes it “wild” colors. Ferrari even offers customer color selection (at a price). The new “three” are not impressive. Remember the metallic orange? Key word “metallic”. Our “red” is old, too old. And the “white” and “black” carries the same dress. Just try a little metallic? Offer four standard colors – others optional!

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