TRADE ALERT: Any Takers Out There Corvette Nation?


TRADE ALERT: Any Takers Out There Corvette Nation?

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As a part of his excellent daily post, Screencaps, on Tuesday, Outkick’s Joe Kinsey shared a Tweet highlighting the shocking increases in the prices of framing lumber since this time last year. Per Kyle Trendel of Trendel Lumber of Ottawa, Kansas, Dimensional 2x4s and 2x6s are up 315% since April of 2020, studs are up 310%, Oriented Strand Board is up an astonishing 510%, and half and three-quarter-inch plywood is up 400% year over year.

Seeing these astounding numbers really struck a nerve with your author and his general contractor dad, who had already been boring the family with tales of the difficulties of scoring material these days. The absurdity of the price increases seems to have caught on, even with people outside of the industry because Kinsey opened Thursday’s morning post with more lumber action and another tweet from an opportunistic owner of a sweet sheet of 4-foot by 8-foot 5/8 plywood, named Jim Engelbert, who has decided he’d be willing to move on from the ply if someone out there was willing to trade their depreciating 2018-2020 Corvette drop-top. A deal like this doesn’t come up very often, so we had to pass the opportunity along to our massive network of Corvette owners. Now, a C8 is probably out of the question, unless Jim can sweeten the pot with a few pieces of plate, but there might be a few ’18 and ’19 owners who would jump at this opportunity!

A quick click-through of reveals a current nationwide inventory of 27 convertibles from the last two years of C7 production. Because of varying mileage, options, and dealership knowledge, these listings all fall between $49,400 to $76,891 on the price scale, and KBB currently pegs the fair Market Price of an open-air 2019 Stingray at $55,538.

Using 2019’s standard ‘vert base price of $65,590, that means the ‘Vette’s value is down more than 15% since leaving the Assembly Plant in Bowling Green. With the gains in lumber so far this year, it is only a matter of time before that single sheet will start to eclipse America’s Sports Car in price. Get it while you can…this could be the next Bitcoin!


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  1. My 2019 stingray 2LT coupe In arctic white has a trade in value of 57,660 I paid 55,000 plus tax and license. Private party would be higher. Not seeing any depreciation here. Better do some more homework

  2. Like it says in the article, prices were pulled from current listings on and Kelly Blue Book.

  3. KBB and Cargurus have my 2019 Grand Sport private sale price $3k over what I paid new. Never look at trade in as dealers always win on both side of the deal. Sold my Lexus for more than I would have received on a trade in. Only thing I would have redone is buy a ZR1 instead. They are fetching crazy prices.


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