[VIDEO] Stock C8 vs Modified C8 at the Track and Everyone is a Winner


[VIDEO] Stock C8 vs Modified C8 at the Track and Everyone is a Winner

We’ve shown you C8 Corvettes taking on a multitude of challengers over the past few months, with the new mid-engine Stingray more often than not holding its own rather well, we’d say.

Today, however, we share a video that shows an Arctic White C8 Corvette getting its doors blown off – but not by a foreign supercar costing mega-bucks.

No, this one-sided drag race spotlights another Arctic White Stingray that’s been covered by the owner in a bright green wrap with a black racing stripe – accelerating to at least a three-car-length advantage over its stock Arctic White brother.

The winner of this race, captured on video with a cool fish-eye lens, shows just what can be done with bolt-on mods to the new mid-engine Corvette.

If you thought the stock C8 was a monster with its 495-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, this video shows what a difference can be had with a few changes to the throttle body, air filter, AWE exhaust, and other areas.

Imagine what the owner, a YouTuber named Matt who shares his many improvement efforts on his REARWHEELDRIVE channel, will be able to do once his order for a ProCharger supercharger is filled, giving him an estimated 720 horsepower!


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  1. This video of a Vette with bolt on mods on a C8 is really cool! Why? Because it shows what a few bolt on items can do without having to spend a fortune like Ms. Hartford did. This reminds me of the golden age of drag racing when the average garage mechanic could make their car faster with bolt on parts and a good dyno tune. The intake throttle body might be a huge item and take a little more expertise. An exhaust system and comp air filter and a few other items can make a big difference particularly in the higher RPM range as the car accelerates. I’ve done a few of these mods to my Z51 and had a lot of fun with it. The car seems to work better. Mostly, I’ve retained stock units. Eventually, I’d like a throttle body and headers if they make any real difference. For now, a blue air filter and an exhaust with proper shielding and heat control are the primary performance mods. Those and a couple of cosmetic things and my car is a baby rocket ship. AF

  2. Sidebar: Looks like a drone was used to film the race? Pretty impressive if it was, since it seemed to keep up w/the green Vette.

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