[VIDEO] C7 Grand Sport Driver Duels and Passes a Ferrari 488 Challenge Racer


[VIDEO] C7 Grand Sport Driver Duels and Passes a Ferrari 488 Challenge Racer

Photo Credit: caliphotography.com

The C7 Corvette may be old news now that the mid-engine Stingray has arrived on the scene, but that doesn’t mean the seventh-generation Corvette doesn’t have a few tricks still left up its sleeves.

Just ask Kevin Burke, the owner of this C7 GS.

Burke was getting ready to head home in his Corvette after a July Fast Toys event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California when he spotted a Ferrari 488 Challenge and jokingly asked the owner what he would win if he could pass the team’s pro driver in the Ferrari.

“I’ll give you his helmet,” the owner answered, obviously figuring it was a moot point.

Just staying close should have been a challenge for the less powerful (499 to 560 horsepower) and heavier Corvette (3,430 to 2,700 pounds), but watch the video and you’ll see the Ferrari 488 Challenge indeed put to the test.

Ferrari 488 Challenge Racer

Photo Credit: fasttoysclub.com

Burke’s C7 with a 7-speed manual transmission features the stock OEM stage 3 aero, stock suspension, and Nitto NT01 315/335 tires around 19-inch Forgeline wheels, good for 1.88 G in some corners. It’s horsepower is up by 39 over the stock C7.

Mods to the Corvette include:

  • Halltech air intake system
  • Katech Torquer LT1 camshaft
  • VVT limiter
  • Katech competition valve job and hand blending
  • Katech CNC ported throttle body
  • MSD intake manifold
  • Katech AFM delete valley cover
  • LS7 lifters, lifter trays
  • PSI valvesprings
  • Katech titanium valvespring retainers
  • Katech valve spring locators
  • GM valve seals
  • Katech C5-R timing chain
  • GM head bolts

“The pro had been complaining about instability in the faster corners, so I made sure to position myself in his blind spot to fill him with doubt,” Burke explained.

Burke takes advantage of that at the 5:20 mark to roar past the Ferrari. Alas, he ultimately didn’t get the other driver’s helmet, but perhaps even better, he earned the knowledge that his Grand Sport was up to the Challenge, you might say.


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  1. This is fun to watch aside for the G-meter display being inverted for some reason.
    Loved the 7 speed manual with Rev Match.
    Out of the corners the GS was out-classed for several reasons.

    The Ultimate C7 GS in My book would have a simple combo of these parts. Katech NA 427 LT1 rated at 700hp @ 7K RPM , Cup2R Michelins, and ZR1 hi downForce aero.
    The Weight penalty would be of no concern aside from brake fade.
    For long stints, carbon-ceramics would be a must.
    The killer package would leave this challenge car in dust from the first lap and come at a fraction of the cost of a bone stock 488.

  2. This corvette actually had more power. 39 hp over stock and 499 whp are very two different things. (turnology.com source video)

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