[VIDEO] Walk Around a Widebody C8 Corvette on Display at the UAE’s Custom Show Emirates


[VIDEO] Walk Around a Widebody C8 Corvette on Display at the UAE's Custom Show Emirates

During our weekend walkthrough of Corvettes on YouTube, we came across an interesting widebody C8 Corvette that was on display in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai at a custom auto show called “Custom Show Emirates.”

Unfortunately, there was no signage about the creator and builder of the car, so what you see is what you get!

The C8 Corvette Coupe is wearing a flat army green exterior finish with the widebody fenders bolted to each corner. The widebody kit appears to be made of composite material with a marbled finish and that same finish was applied to the various surfaces where we would usually see carbon flash black metallic including the side intake boomerangs. The front and rear facia, grill spears, and other bits were enlarged from their stock form and the front splitter is also wearing winglets on the corners.

The same marble-style finish was also applied to two panels that were installed on the top of the frunk. While it appears they have vents on them, as the camera moves around the car, we can see they are faux vents and there are no openings in the panels or frunk for airflow.

What I do like about this car is the interesting rear spoiler that sort of reminds me of the C7 Z06’s spoiler but one that is at a more relaxed angle, much like the ducktail spoilers we’ve seen on other builds.

Thanks again to Faris k3f car for sharing this custom C8 widebody Corvette from the Middle East.

Faris k3f Car / YouTube

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  1. Fabulous looking….masculine for sure!

    My FIRST impression here is that it’s a bit overstyled ; not the body design! but the detailed finish- it has a lot going on all over…visually,…ie : the side panels…it overwhelms me somewhat.

    Sometimes simplicity shows off the real beauty of something.(like my C5)

    But hey,it’s just my opinion! It might change once I see one live….I sure hope I do!

  2. All bolt on wide bodies look like garbage IMHO.
    Do the body work and make it legit, not half ass.
    The hellcat widebody is just as bad.
    Looks like it was an eBay purchase arriving in 30 days LMAO

  3. Batman’s daily driver. I don’t care for the spoiler, but I do like the “Utility belt” blocky look. The integration needs to be re-worked.

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