[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Deliveries Have Not Been Constrained…Yet


[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Deliveries Have Not Been Constrained...Yet

Photo Credits: Jeremy Welborn

I want to address a quick about-face for an article that was briefly up yesterday afternoon.

We’ve been hearing a rumor that the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program was going on constraint due to the overwhelming popularity of the program as well as knowing that deliveries were beginning to back up despite the NCM increasing their weekly deliveries to 55 cars. And then yesterday, one of our readers was placing his finalized 2021 order through a dealership (within allocation) when they were stopped by the GM Workbench System from ordering the R8C Museum Delivery and the D30 Color Override.

Thanks to a member of the Corvette Team, we learned that this is basically a “glitch” as dealers are no longer allowed to enter new sold orders for the 2021 model year and the R8C and D30 RPOs require a sold order for entry. However, this particular dealership only enters final sold orders against their allocation and so we are told that there will be a workaround for it.

So if you get the call to finalize your 2021 Corvette order, and are told that R8C or D30 is no longer available, have your dealer call the higher-ups in their region or Detroit for clarification. While the R8C program could still be added to future constraints, as of today it’s still available for customers.

[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Deliveries Have Not Been Constrained...Yet

One of the other factors that had us believing that the R8C constraint rumor was a recent video posted over the weekend by ScottieDTV on YouTube who shows us a number of newly built C8 Corvettes waiting for their scheduled delivery date at the Museum. By our count, there are around 100 or so Corvettes packed in multiple rows at the NCM’s Motorsports Park. We know the Museum has been using the lot for additional R8C storage going back to last year, and while we’ve seen pics from the MSP’s backlot a time or two, this is definitely the most C8 Corvettes we’ve seen on site:

As there is a backlog of vehicles waiting for their NCM delivery, we will keep our eye on the R8C Museum Delivery program as well as any new constraints over the next few weeks to see if GM will have to “pump the brakes” to allow them to catch up.

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  1. Sure looks like Chevrolet div. of GM needs to hire some logistics people with an IQ a little more than their shoe size. This kind of crap is just not acceptable.

  2. I went on the list at my local dealer in August for the 2021 C8, Ordered and gave my deposit December 11th. Included in my dealer order was the $995 Museum Delivery. In February in confirming the build order, I was told by my dealer this was unavailable. So this isn’t a surprise.


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