The National Corvette Museum Increases C8 Corvette Museum Deliveries to 55 per Week


The National Corvette Museum Increases C8 Corvette Museum Deliveries to 55 per Week

One of the great perks for Corvette buyers is the ability to take delivery of their new Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. We think the extra attention from the museum’s well-trained staff is worth the $995 cost in itself of the R8C Museum Delivery and that’s on top of everything else that’s included for your special day.

A recent memo from Chevrolet dealers had a bit of good news regarding the R8C Museum Delivery Program. Starting this month, the NCM is now delivering 55 new Corvettes per week which is an increase of 10 more cars vs the 45 deliveries the Museum was able to do per week back in January.

This news couldn’t come at a better time as demand for the program appears to be at an all-time high. We are hearing that R8C deliveries are taking place on average about two weeks after the car was produced and the NCM is utilizing additional storage space at the NCM Motorsports Park to park those cars still awaiting customer delivery.

While we still don’t have assembly plant buyers tour because of the coronavirus, there’s plenty of good reasons why to pick up your Corvette in Bowling Green vs your dealership. For those customers doing the R8C Delivery Program, your list of perks includes:

  • Red carpet delivery experience
  • 1-year Membership at the National Corvette Museum
  • Personalized R8C Plaque for the car
  • Drive The NCM’s 2020 Corvettes on NCM Motorsports’ race track
  • Guided tour of the National Corvette Museum
  • Assembly Plant Tours are also coming soon.
  • R8C Special 25th Anniversary door jam sticker
  • Lapel Pin
  • Customized Display Plaque
  • Signage from the Corvette Boulevard display
  • Photos of you taking delivery
  • All the fanfare and excitement that comes when picking up your new Corvette.


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  1. I took delivery at the museum 3/15/21 for my 2LT. It was an awesome experience, and driving back to Arizona gave me plenty of time to get to know my C8.


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