Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Doing the Math


Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Doing the Math

For his next trick, he’ll put those math skills to work in trying to figure out exactly when his dad’s 2021 order will hit Status 3000.

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  1. I am taking a delivery of a 2021 C8 tomorrow from a very courteous dealer . I placed my order and deposit in August 2019. It been along time but somehow “ we forget the pain after the baby is born”. I have a question. I noticed an article on your blog that stated there would be a price increase of $1000 for all orders placed after March 1st but would not include orders that were at least 1100 status . My invoice has the price increase . Was your information incorrect? I have called GM and they said they were not aware of an exception of 1100 status or higher. My car was at 3400, at the time. Buyers of C8 will see the increase unless GM will credit the amount. My dealer has wrote GM an email trying to clarify the issue, by my request. What is correct.

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