[VIDEO] The Windshield Has to Come Out Anyway, So Why Not Stage a YouTube Video


[VIDEO] The Windshield Has to Come Out Anyway, So Why Not Stage a YouTube Video

What a moron. He’ll be finding glass in that car for years…

We’ve previously written about Andrew and his modded 2020 Corvette Stingray which he takes to the drag strip on a regular basis. Apparently, he cracked the windshield during a recent track date and because it happened at the track he couldn’t do an insurance claim on it. So he purchased a new window and decided to have “fun” with the removal process.

In the process, he calls out fellow YouTuber Emelia Hartford for setting the C8 Corvette world record. Andrew does explain it’s all a joke about halfway through it as he congratulates Emelia for her recent record.

His car…whatever.

Que the “He doesn’t deserve a Corvette” comments in 3…2…1…Go!

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  1. Cringe worthy! With all the people waiting in line to get their New C8 and this guy is beating his to death with a wrecking bar. 😱😢

  2. This guy is an idiot only fame he ever had was when Streetspeed717…That ended..probably because he is a jackass

  3. He obviously doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions! Tiny microscopic glass particles all over the interior being just the obvious.

  4. Why would anyone even want to see this video? When you described what was going to happen, I reasoned that I’d seen enough stupid people doing enough stupid things that day so I just went to your next article. Why give this ego maniac any press coverage at all? His car should be impounded and auctioned off for a charity.

  5. Not sure why this bothers anyone. The windshield was cracked and getting replaced anyways. At least this guy is trying to push the C8 to its performance limits and using the Corvette for what it was made for.

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