C8 Corvette Impounded by Canadian Authorities for Speeding at Twice the Limit


C8 Corvette Impounded by Canadian Authorities for Speeding at Twice the Limit

Photo Credit: Saanich Police

The driver of this mid-engine Corvette must have gotten carried away with the 495 horses prancing under the hood of his Arctic White hardtop convertible.

Now his new car is the one being carried away.

As we’ve told you many times before, authorities in Canada mean business when it comes to speeding.

This Corvette was impounded after the driver was caught by Saanich police doing 100 kilometers per hour, double the speed limit in the 50 kilometers per hour zone.

“Nice day for a nice ride in a nice car,” police said in a tweet that included a photo of the Corvette soon to be winched onto the bed of a rollback truck. “Just watch your speed while you’re driving.”

Constable Markus Anastasiades said the speeder was clocked on the Trans-Canada Highway near Upton in British Columbia.

“It’s excessive speed, seven-day impound, $368 ticket,” he explained. “Nice vehicle but it’s going to be parked for seven days.”

Such “super-speeder” penalties apply when a driver is nabbed going at least 40 km/h over the posted speed limit. Translated into American terms, the Corvette was going 62.1 miles per hour, where the limit was just 31 miles per hour.

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