New C4 Corvette Owner Arrested and His Car Impounded Following High Speed Chase


New C4 Corvette Owner Arrested and His Car Impounded Following High Speed Chase

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Well, that didn’t last long.

The owner of this black C4 Corvette told authorities he had just bought the car this week. Now, the rear end is damaged, the car is impounded, and he’s in jail.

It all started when he and the driver of a fourth-generation Camaro happened upon each other and decided to “race for fun” on Cleveland Road in Johnston County in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Unfortunately for them, during the race, they passed a State Highway Patrol trooper who promptly gave chase and tried to stop the speeding drivers. The pursuit, which reached speeds of 130 mph, came to an end when the Camaro broke down and the Corvette crashed after running through the intersection of N.C. Highway 210 and Cleveland Road, hitting a ditch and crashing into a guardrail.

No injuries were reported, and the Corvette suffered minor damage to the rear fender.

Both vehicles were impounded by authorities under North Carolina’s “Run and You’re Done” law passed in 2011. The law allows police to impound the vehicle of a defendant convicted of felony speeding to elude, and the vehicle can even be auctioned off with proceeds given to North Carolina school systems.

The two drivers, meanwhile, were carried to Johnston County Jail, where charges are pending.


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  1. You know, there are some people who should never even sit in a Corvette…let alone drive and own one. It gives the Corvette a bad reputation, and tears up and/or destroys the car itself. Same old story…high performance car…low performance driver. Too bad there isn’t some kind of detector you could point at a person, and it would register their IQ, their maturity level, and their level of “Common Sense” Sure,.. just about everyone who has owned or now owns a Corvette…. will get out and romp on it a little bit, but most of them know there is a time and a place to do spirited driving, and it doesn’t involve street racing.

    If you want to drive really fast, take it to the track. I would say, about 90% of Corvette owners, unless they have been to a driving school, and have experience and logged a lot of time on the track…their skills as a driver or much less then the performance of the Corvette can provide. You might think you are “Joe Racer” but it is really easy to injure or kill yourself, in the later model, high horsepower Corvettes, if you don’t really know what you are doing.

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